Joe's Crab Shack

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Don't EAT at JOES in Portland/vancouver

Apr 17, 2008
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Pros:I have really no pro's

Cons:Portland/vancouver sucks! don't go!

The Bottom Line: go to red lobster where you get free bread and they stand behind anything they server!

I got hooked on Joe's when I use to frequent Disneyland! However I never had poor experience/problem. Oct of 07 I opted to take my father to the new one in Portland Oregon area on the Columbia river. Its actually Vancouver Washington. I took him there for his birthday. He loves crab and never eats out, so this was a treat! There was a small group of us. Everything started out fair, our server was a little slow. I was upset they offer nothing complimentary to start with. NOR even offer a salad with your meal. It costs extra. Its like everything there is ala cart! So, Almost everyone ordered the bucket of crab. Supposedly 1 pound of crab for about 22 bucks. What we got was 1 pound of shells. There was NO meat in the crab. The one person who ordered something else got a steak and it was ordered medium. It was still very raw and bloody when it was delivered and the server was gone about 15 minutes after it was delivered so what point would it have been to send it back when everyone else is almost done picking what little bit of meat there was out of the legs and body of the bucket o crab! They ended up giving it to one of the young men starving because there was no crab in his crab!! They had my father do this dumb chicken dance and he figured he may at least get a scoop of ice cream for it! Nope NOTHING free for your birthday either!! We were not happy but instead of making a huge scene I decided to pay the 120 bill and write a letter explaining my unsatisfactory experience. I wrote a letter online and got a receipt they got it. I never heard WORD ONE from them. Nothing! Completely ignored! No letter no phone call No email nothing!! So apparently if you feel you had any disservice they don't stand behind customer satisfaction! Don't eat at Joes! I have never been back and it left such a sour taste in my mouth I tell anyone who thinks about going. I won't be visiting them this year either! stick with RED LOBSTER they prices are more reasonable and they stand behind their customer service! You will be much happier!

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