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Little Caesars: Economical and Quick!

Aug 19, 2004 (Updated May 25, 2005)
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Pros:LOW PRICES! Fast, quick service; Good taste

Cons:No fancy ingredients to choose from; High priced beverages

The Bottom Line: Little Caesars food isn't fantastic, but it's very good for what you pay.

Pizza carryouts can be found in almost all cities, large in small, across the United States. Everyone loves pizza, and entrepreneurs know that a pizza establishment, more than any other type of restaurant, is likely to generate a steady level of sales and cash flow.

One pizza franchise that is found all across the country is Little Caesars a chain that was started by Michael and Marion Ilitch near Detroit, Michigan in 1959. With locations in every state except Alaska and Rhode Island, Little Caesars is one of the nation’s most recognizable pizza chains. Let’s take a look at what Little Caesars pizza is all about:

Menu Selection:

Little Caesars serves a few different types of food in its small restaurants. Here’s what you can expect to find on the menu when you visit:

Pizza- This is what Little Caesars is best known for. The pizza can be purchased with ordinary crust, deep dish (square shaped), or baby pan- pan. Toppings include the usual selections, like pepperoni, sausage, ham, beef, mushrooms, onions, black olives, tomatoes, green peppers, pineapple, bacon, banana peppers, and anchovies. There are a few specialty pizzas like Meatsa and Supreme.

Crazy Bread- Another popular menu item, these breadsticks are served eight to a package with the flavor of garlic and butter, sprinkled with parmesan cheese. A small container of dipping sauce (tomato with spices) is included with each order.

Sandwiches- These cold- cut subs include options like Italian, tuna, and ham & cheese.

Wings- These are chicken wings, and they can be purchased in either mild, medium, or hot, in quantities of either 5, 10, 20, or 30 wings.

Salads- Tossed salad, Greek salad, and Antipasto salad are among the choices in this area. These salads can be purchased in either family size or individual size with choice of dressing.

Since Little Caesars is primarily a carry- out, there are not many beverages to choose from. Some locations have fountain drinks, while others only sell beverages in bottles from a self- serve refrigerator.


A better question is “what atmosphere?” Little Caesars doesn’t have much to offer on the inside of its small restaurants. There is often no seating at all or, at most, about two tables with chairs. You might find a picture or two on the walls depicting the Little Ceasars character, but that’s about it. Again, this is because the restaurant is primarily a carry- out operation. There is really no need to invest lots of money into improving the atmosphere if most customers are going to walk in and immediately walk out.


Prices at Little Caesars are lower than most all other national pizza chains. There is almost always some type of special going on, and it’s common to find coupons to make the price even lower still. Most anything you purchase here costs less than $10 and it’s very easy to feed a family of four at prices that rival those of other fast- food establishments, and that includes McDonalds and other low- priced burger joints.

Customer Service:

Little Caesars customer service is fast and prompt. Employees often have the pizzas pre- made and ready to go. Little Caesars can get away with this because the pizzas sell so quickly. You can call in your order, if you wish, or just place the order when you arrive and wait for it to be prepared. It takes only about ten minutes to complete a fresh pizza, so the waiting is minimal.

Final Thoughts:

Little Caesars is a popular pizza franchise that is best known for its low prices, its crazy bread, and for its advertisements featuring the Little Caesars character and the famous “pizza, pizza!” slogan. This restaurant can be found almost anyplace in the United States (and in some foreign countries), and that includes some of the less populated areas of the western U.S.

The reason most people choose Little Caesar’s isn’t necessarily because the food is so great. It isn’t. I can think of several pizza places that offer a superior product. But people still come to Little Caesars for one reason: price! The mainstay of the menu is pizza and the item that consumers purchase most often is the 14- inch pepperoni pizza for only $5, one of the lowest prices you will ever find for a fresh pizza and often even lower than many frozen pizzas. This offer is good only for carryout (most Little Caesars locations do not deliver), but what’s nice about it is that the pizzas are already pre- made and ready to take. You don’t need to call in your order. Just stop by anytime, hand over $5, and the pizza is yours. You don’t have to wait for your $5 pizza to be prepared. Little Caesar’s knows this is a hot deal so they make these pizzas on a constant basis. And even though they are pre-made, they are still good- tasting. Between the hours of 5pm and 7pm the pizzas sell so quickly there is little to worry about lack of freshness.

Pizza at Little Caesars isn’t going to win any awards, but it is still pretty good and most certainly good enough to justify the $5 price. I like the sauce used on this pizza because it’s very well balanced- not too sweet like that of other pizzas. Another thing I like is the crust, which has a buttery- like taste to it. The crust reminds me of the buttery flavor you get in Little Caesars Crazy bread, which is another good- tasting product.

The other menu items are good, but not outstanding. I have tried the wings and the sandwiches and I can say that they are good, but like the pizza, they are not the greatest I have ever tried or even good enough to rank in my top ten. However, like the pizza, they are priced low and when you factor the low cost into the equation, they end up a little better than average.

The toppings offered at Little Caesars are ordinary and typical of a fast- service pizza operation. You’re not going to find any fancy ingredients or unusual specialty pizza products at Little Caesars. But you also won’t go into cardiac arrest when you see your final bill. The only thing that is priced a little higher than average is the soft drinks. At the location nearest to me, soft drinks are sold either in 20 oz. singles or 2- liters. The prices for these are about 50 percent higher than what you would pay in a grocery store. The company has to have some way to make a little money, I suppose. But since I always get the large pizzas to go, the price of soft drinks means nothing to me. I purchase my beverages elsewhere and I already have them waiting for me at my house.

Nutritionally, Little Caesars pizza delivers exactly what you expect: calories that add up quickly, moderate to high fat, and high carbs. Depending on what you buy, the numbers can be rather hefty. A 14- inch pepperoni pizza, for example, cut into ten equal slices, has 230 calories, 8 grams of fat, and 25 grams of carbs per slice. Most people can easily consume half of one of these pizzas, making a total of 1,150 calories, 40 grams of fat, and 125 grams of carbs. Switch to a Meatsa pizza, and these total numbers (for consuming half of a 14- inch pizza) jump to 1,400 calories, 65 grams of fat, and 130 grams of carbs. Needless to say, Little Caesars is not a good choice of food for dieters. If you can control yourself and eat only a couple of slices, you should be ok. But this is often a very difficult undertaking when the food in front of you is pizza.

Pizza at Little Caesars is a little on the greasy side and the overall taste is not as good as some of the best local pizza chains. But with a price of only $5 per pizza, Little Caesars is tough to beat. The food may not be earth- shattering in flavor, but it is still pretty good and the prices are hard to beat. Just walk up to the counter, pull out a five dollar bill, and walk out with a good- tasting pepperoni pizza. Little Caesars is economical, quick, and tasty enough to recommend most anytime you’re in the mood for a fresh pizza.

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