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Five Dollar Pizzas

Feb 13, 2008 (Updated Feb 13, 2008)
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Pros:Great pizza sauce, quick, and cheap.

Cons:No dinning area, sodas are expensive.

The Bottom Line: Pretty good pizzas for only $5.

Little Caesars - never would I ever eat pizzas much because they are pricey, and usually good with a group. However, I am usually on my own, or with my brother, so they are still costly for two. But years ago, the local Caesars here started offering large one-topping pizzas at $6 for quite a while. We bit into the deal, and was instantly hooked. After that, they offered them for $5 and started to advertise this nationally.

The Pizzas
First off, despite what everyone says, it is the sauce that makes the pizza. Chain pizzerias like Dominoes and Pizza Hut understands this and are pretty good, too, but none are really "the best". Each had a different taste, and it carries over wherever you live. Local pizzerias usually tastes the best (especially here in Chicago), but when I lived in California, I was hard pressed to find any local pizzerias that were good. They'd have a sour taste to it, as if they over did it on the tomato sauce (ketchup?).

But the sauce of Caesar's have a great balance between sweetness and sourness. It just taste like an upbeat tomato sauce. No surprises, and no disappointments. Whatever the toppings you get, they all fresh and tasty.

Now, good pizzas aren't unheard of, but a good pizzas from a chain restaurant? How about this - a good pizza from a chain restaurant that costs only $5 for a large? Wow.

This is the reason why I go back there. Sometimes they have specials such as $7 for the same pizza, but includes bread sticks, which is still a great deal.

The large pizza can satisfy 2 heavy eaters, and sometimes more for snacks. Pair this deal with 79 cents 2-liter of soda from Walgreen's (right next door to Little Caesars by my house), and you have a complete meal for 2 hungry guys for around $3 each person.

In fact, we have rarely really strayed from this deal, so I cannot report on other items on their menu. We have had only sausage and pepperoni pizzas, and both have tasted mighty fine. And unlike most other pizzas, there is no pools of grease on top of the pizzas we ordered from Little Caesars.

The Other Stuff
We had their bread sticks before, only because it came with one of the deals (the $7 one). They are dry on outside, and moist and soft on the inside - just the way it should be. Unfortunately, the deal did not come with sauce for the sticks. We didn't mind - after all, we were all about the pizza. :)

We also once changed things up a bit and ordered their buffalo wings. They didn't taste as good as the chicken wings from, say, Hooters, but they held their own. The sauce is greasy (but that's true of all buffalo wings), and isn't very spicy. The sauce is pretty tangy, though.

Years ago, our local Little Caesars would take orders over the phone, and pizzas are usually done within 15 minutes. For the times were we can't phone in, the pizza may be said to be done in 15, but in reality, it takes about 10. We would go next door to Walgreen's, pick up our pop, check the magazines, pay for our pop, and the pizza would be ready. Nowadays, I walked in earlier (lunch time), and was able to order a large sausage pizza for $5, and the guy turned around and gave me a pizza - no waiting! I asked if someone ordered it and failed to pick it up, but he claimed that was not the case. If what he said was true, then they must have made a mass amount of single-topping pizzas - and they must be getting a lot of orders. However, when I was there, I saw a huge pile of pizzas waiting to be picked up, but no one at the store. I was afraid the pizza wasn't fresh, but to my surprise, it was just as hot and tasty as they always were.

The Restaurant's Dining Area
The restaurant I go to is a very small place in a plaza strip mall. There is a shelf-like table in the store, and a couple of stools. There is also a small bench for customers to sit and wait. It is not a very good place to sit and eat a whole pizza with friends. Little Caesars is definitely a take out place. Now with pizzas already made and ready for you to pick up almost any time, you rarely see anyone sitting on the bench.

So for students living in dorms with roommates, two bachelors in an apartment with exposed PS2 and X-Box controllers, or someone who is out of work, but still needs to eat - both for lunch AND dinner (pizza makes great left overs), this is a deal you can't beat.

Of course, you should really mix it up with other low-cost meals offered at your local supermarket. ;) Not a very healthy lifestyle, but it's what you'd have to contend with if you can't cook, and short on cash.

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