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Everyone eats at McDonald's regardless whether they are good or not.

Jul 17, 2004
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Pros:$1 menu items. Salad and dessert good. It is fast food.

Cons:Never know how the food will come out. Cleanliness in some restaurants is lacking.

The Bottom Line: In a pinch I will go into McDonald's. Breakfast sandwiches are usually good. Hot food very average.

My life and McDonald's.

Back in the good old days, my parents were extremely poor, so forget about eating out. I had to wait until I got a job, to be able to go to McDonald's or Burger King. Monday through Friday I would take a packed lunch to work, but on a Saturday when I went into the town center, I sometimes could afford a McDonald's. My treat would be a cheeseburger and a coffee. None of the huge meals McDonald's dishes out in America. There would be no refills on the drinks either.

I can also remember McDonald's in many European countries. Again very similar to the U.K. I was older and actually had fries too, but again more expensive than America, with no refills on drinks.

We than came to Florida over 16 years ago. Boy doesn't time fly by. I must admit McDonald's was never my first choice. For around the first 5 years I would always end up in Burger King for their Whopper sandwich. Well times have changed, and now my lunches at fast food chains always include a side salad.

When we are heading to Busch Gardens, Tampa, we stop into a McDonald's on Gunn Hwy. We normally get the sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit, and coffee. The Manager in this franchise is normally very helpful, but often the staff are speaking in Spanish, and have a job to understand my English accent.

The food is pretty good at this one. Occasionally the biscuits are a little over cooked, but that is the only complaint we have.

We have eaten at a McDonald's when leaving Busch Gardens, this one is on Fowler, in Tampa. One time we were going to stop in, but saw Police cars with flashing lights. When we turned on the 5 o'clock news, there was McDonald's. Police officers had gone in to eat, and had slivers of glass in the burgers. Glad I didn't go in that day. We have stopped off in this one to have a cheeseburger, or sometime I just want a dessert. I like the yogurt parfait.

There are two other McDonald's that I really try to avoid. One in New Port Richey and one in Holiday. The employees really look as if you are wasting their time. They do have an attitude, and I certainly won't pay money to be treated in that way. We even watched a Manager walk in the kitchen, and pick up food without washing his hands. This was after taking cash at the register.

When we are over in Orlando, which is often, our timeshare is just across the road from a McDonald's on Hwy 192. We often go in late at night, just for a coffee, and to hang out with the British tourists. On occasions I have eaten the Filet-o-fish, which was average. Len the Hot 'n spicy McChicken. We tend to prefer to eat in Golden Corral, opposite it, or get a Grand Slam in Denny's, next door.

I can remember another time in Orlando when the television commercial was advertising 2 Big Mac's for 2 bucks. We went into the large McDonald's on the corner of International Drive and Sand Lake Road, and asked for the special. They made out they didn't know anything about it. After all, this is tourist area. I finally got the special, and let all the Brits behind me, into the secret that they were keeping. Profits were down that day, but a whole bunch of happy people.

McDonald's restaurants.

Some are spotlessly clean, like the one on Gunn Hwy. Others are disgusting dirty, and on many an occasion, I have let them know about it.

Food is cheap. Cheeseburgers for 50 cents. They have a whole bunch of items on the dollar menu, so no need to go hungry. Many a time my husband has bought an extra cheeseburger and coffee, and taken it to someone looking down on their luck. You can afford to eat at McDonald's.

The place is great for the kids. They get a happy meal, in a box. It come with hamburger/chicken McNuggets etc. fries, drink, and a toy. My grand-daughter had one of these, in England, back in May, and it cost £1.99 ($3.70)
Can't beat that for value. The kids also get a play area, which is safe for them to use.

Seniors even get a discount too. Some reduce just the coffee, while other McDonald's will give a 10% discount overall.

I do know that this chain does a lot for charity with the Ronald McDonald charities.

On the McDonald's web-site you can purchase from the McDonald's shop. Gifts and collectibles, apparel, sports and kids stuff. Just a thought if you are buying for someone who has everything. They probably don't have these.

I do not go out of my way to go to McDonald's. If it is on our way and we need to eat, then we will go in one. I should say on average we eat in McDonald's once a month. Would I recommend it. Probably not, I do prefer Wendy's over most other fast food restaurants.

They will always be busy, making lots of money, and opening new franchises. Keep going McDonald's you are part of history.

Thank you for taking a tour of several McDonald's with me. If you need to know more, (where have you been) then leave a comment, or e-mail me. I am not listing product prices as they range from 50 cents for a burger to around $5 for a meal.


Burger King

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