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McDonald's - Here's where you can stick my sausage bagel

Sep 9, 2005
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Pros:Top of the fast food heap. Kids beg for this stuff.

Cons:They better watch their backs. Folks only put up with so much.

The Bottom Line: Different locations vary. The local is OFF my list permanently.

I was running late this morning. I’m a good cook. I have food. But, I didn’t feel up to or have time to grab something here or even think about what to snag out of the freezer to reheat in the microwave at work.

I really love the McDonalds sausage bagel. I used to get that often on the way to work. But, they seemed to have a real problem with slapping a piece of sausage on a toasted bagel at the McDonalds on the corner of Statesville Blvd and Jake Alexander in Salisbury, NC. Really now, how hard is that order?

No. I don’t want egg. No. I don’t want cheese. I just want a dag gum piece of sausage in a dry bagel. Egg and cheese make the bagel soggy by the time I’ve driven over to work, and frankly I’m just not woman enough to handle such greasy, gooey stuff first thing come a morning. Just thinking about it makes me want to gag.

I stopped getting sausage bagels last year, because the on-the-way-to-work franchise could just not manage to handle a simple order. It was always a HUGE deal to try to order a bagel with sausage and nothing else. I would give my order, and they would ask again and again and then would stick gross eggs and/or cheese on there even after I clearly said a plain bagel with sausage only.

The other thing that really bugged me was that they were random on charges. One time they’d ring up sausage/egg/cheese hold egg and cheese. The next time, they’d put plain bagel, piece of sausage. The end result there was that my price varied close to a dollar from day to day. Call me anal, but I like to know the order price and have it ready. But, it seemed that every day was a different charge at McDonalds for my sausage bagel.

I emailed McDonalds about this problem getting a sausage bagel. They sent back a generic “thank you our happy customer” email and said they’d pass my email on to the franchise owner. I wasn’t too convinced with this happy message and basically avoided the local happy franchise.

One BIG reason I decided to give up was because the morning cashier is a real witch. When I asked about the sausage bagel and about the random changing charges, she just said, “I don’t know.” She said they didn’t have a manager on duty (duh—lie I think). And, this woman who is about 50, pear-shaped with small shoulders and a really wide load behind and looks like she’d crack if she ever really smiled just was not what I wanted to deal with before 8 am. Yeah. She says all the “right things,” but she never looks like she means it. Her “eye contact” is like looking right through a brick wall. I always feel like a non-person when I have to deal with this chick-itch.

Anyway, I was rather desperate this morning and thinking that life goes on and things change (and hopefully for the better) . . .

I pull up and order a sausage bagel.

The party starts.

The voice box asks if I want cheese. Now, did I say I wanted cheese? No. I did not. I say, “No thank you.” This is the south after all. Even when you’re dealing with idiots, you are polite.

“That will be $2.77. Drive around,” the voice box tells me.

I see the handy-dandy, check-your-order sign that says I have a sausage/egg/cheese bagel with no cheese. I am beginning to worry. It does not say “no egg.”

The voice from the voice box seems to have gone on break, and I don’t know if yelling at the voice box about “no egg” works or if this is the right thing to do. I stall a second and drive around in good McCustomer fashion.

At the window, I ask, “Are you putting egg on my bagel?” And, the girl says, “You didn’t say you didn’t want egg.” Well, no I didn’t. But, I sure didn’t ask for it. I said sausage bagel (end of order). She asked about cheese but not egg. So, how is this my fault suddenly?

I explain (just as I did last year) that I like a bagel with sausage period. I tell the cashier that they sometimes ring it up plain bagel with cream cheese and then add on sausage. Sometimes they make it as a sandwich (and leave off my paid-for cream cheese) and sometimes they pack it as ordered (and at a lower price too).

“If you want cream cheese, you have to pay extra for that,” says the cashier. Geez. I don’t want cream cheese. I want a plain bagel with a sausage patty. I am paying for egg and cheese that I’m not getting, and now she wants to tag on a charge for cream cheese that I don’t want either. This simple sausage bagel is going to cost more than $3 at this point I figure. And, it’s good but not that good and not worth the hassle.

I reach in the window and snag my $5 bill. I say, “Hey, I’ve got an idea. I’ll just go next door to Bojangles.”

I drove right by the second window where the old witch from last year is still going strong. I really do wonder how many customers she has run off by now. She must be reliable about showing up or something, because I’d can her or put her in the back cooking. This is not a woman you want interacting with the public.

I drove next door to Bojangles. The sausage biscuit (which is very good) was $1.06 (including the tax). I saved almost $2 right there. Bojangles didn’t have any problems figuring out how to fix a sausage biscuit with no frills. They didn’t have problems last year on a simple order, and they didn’t even raise the price, since I last stopped by during the school term 2004/2005. I had my dollar and change in hand, and I was ready to roll unlike at McDonalds where I never know how much they’re going to charge for a sausage bagel. I wouldn’t even mind paying more given I like the combo of bagel and sausage, but I would like the price to be the same time to time. Also, the girl at Bojangles was perky and smiled and looked much more like someone I’d like to spend time or money with.

That’s it for me. When I can’t order a bagel with sausage ONLY without it being a huge deal and when the window folks can’t manage to even be civil, I’m taking my business next door. Sure, I like the McDonalds sausage bagel, but I like the Bojangles sausage biscuit too. When I factor in the cost and the crap, then it’s a no brainer.

I took the time last year to email about this problem. I got a generic non-response. I gave them another shot. They are still jerking me around at McDonalds on the corner of Statesville Blvd and Jake Alexander in Salisbury, NC. So, that’s my last trip. They can stick that sausage bagel with egg that I didn’t want and can pay the nasty drive-through lady to irritate more customers, but they won’t be seeing me again.

If you have an urge for McDonalds in Salisbury, NC, go on down Jake Alexander (toward I85) to the McDonalds about a mile or two up the road. That one is tied in with a gas station. They also have one off I85 on Innes Street. Those aren’t on my way to work (like the one near the Salisbury mall). So, I’ll just go to Bojangles where they do not have a problem with simple orders. It’s cheaper (by a lot) anyway, and the window workers are much friendlier. Though I do like the McDonalds plain old sausage on a bagel, I don’t like anything enough to put up with the ka-ka they dish out and have for over two years now. If they can’t make up such a simple order and can’t decide on a standard price and can’t get decent, friendly help, then they can just stick my bagel and anything else I might order as the mother of two boys (who eat a lot). I also take groups of kids out for fast food, and this one is OFF my list.

Maybe they don’t have to try too hard at the top of the fast food pyramid, but I don’t have to buy there either. The next time I really want a bagel with sausage, I’ll make one. If I’m in a rush and need fast food, I’ll go next door to Bojangles.

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