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Awesome review!
by auramasterfox
It's like a review and a short story all in one! This is definitely one of the best reviews I've read!
Aug 7, 2011
11:33 pm PDT

Well Done!
by laurashrti
Bravo. What a treat reading this review was!

I work in a bar/grille and never experienced anything like this, though I know it certainly happens.

I really think I'm going to print this off any make my fiance read it so maybe we can stop going there to appease his son. It grosses me out.

Thanks again for the read, wish I could MH.
Feb 21, 2008
9:11 pm PST

Absolutely Awesome!
by angelwings724
I loved reading this review. I have always suspected these sort of things happened, but now we have proof!.
Oh wow, you got me with the fruit flies. I will remember the advice on the ketchup. However, I will really have to think about going back to McDonalds again!

Jun 3, 2007
12:38 pm PDT

My word!
by desslok
You really went above and beyond the call of duty there! My (paper) hat is off to you!
May 30, 2007
8:25 pm PDT

That's Dedication
by elvisdo
You mean to tell me you took a job at McDonald's just to write this review? You really are a FREAK! I love it!

Nov 21, 2006
6:35 pm PST

by hasiotis
honestly learn how to spell ,, uv fkn got kids and you can't even use comma's (''''''''dumbass)
secondly if you don't like working there QUIT im sure there is another fast food restraunt out there that needs your martering qualities !!!!
P.S i work at mcdonalds AUSTRALIA and get paid 10.50 an hour I LOVE IT
Sep 28, 2006
12:21 am PDT

You're an Epinion God(dess)...
by tgregoryt
Not only have you written more reviews then I can remember, but you took a job just to get one of them. And a disgusting job at that.

Anyway, glad somebody likes to write.

Cheers -

Feb 15, 2006
12:29 pm PST

My experience!!!...quite different!
by sassyfras1
I think your review was wrong and you gave out some incorrect information...I have been working at my local Mcdonald's for over a year and a half. I love it...I enjoy most of the people i work with. I have never served undercooked food or anything that has dropped on the floor. In our store all holding trays for any meat or chicken have timers. They are not kept in there for long periods of time! Maybe your store was screwed up but not all are. We strive to serve our customers with fresh quality products. Maybe you should try a Mcdonald's somewhere else before you give the whole chain a bad rep.!!!
Nov 29, 2005
9:22 am PST

by sadlovepoet
Great review! The She Beast really is a beast. Scary. I really hate verbal abusers.

The fruit flies thing really creeps me out. You SERIOUS? They breed inside the ketchup??? O_O

Which San Diegan suburb did you work at? There's a McDonalds' restaurant in Imperial Beach that's really close to where my high school is.

Have you written a review on Burger King?
Sep 13, 2005
5:15 pm PDT

by beeracuda

Fantastic review!! You are one dedicated person to put yourself through all that! I really don't know how you ever kept your cool around She Beast, knowing you were only going to be employed for a handful of days. I would've told her off the first time she spoke to me!

But I can certainly relate. I too, worked at McD's for about a month in the early 80's. I had my own She Beast as well. The 2nd day on the job, after very meager training, my She Beast told me to go downstairs and get a package of pancake mix. Not knowing what these looked like, I went downstairs, looked around, and saw a bag labeled "Pancake Mix", or something of the sort. I brought it upstairs, and She Beast started laughing hysterically at me. I had no idea that the package I brought up was full of smaller packages of pancake mix. How was I to know? She really made me mad when she actually brought other employees to the back just to laugh at my honest mistake! Idiot. If I wasn't 17 at the time, I would've had the last laugh by using my now cultivated wit to embarrass her!

Great review Freak! Keep up the great work!!
Oct 25, 2003
1:05 pm PDT

Re: Re: Re: about my rating
by vinceneilsgirl
I agree!
Aug 1, 2002
6:23 am PDT

by far one of THE BEST reviews ever written...
by jeffpresto
this is really amazing stuff! great review! i must say, however, that i work in fast food and it's not NEARLY this bad. i work at my local wendy's and if HALF of the disturbing things you listed ever went on at our store - heads would roll. our managers really strive for customer satisfaction and cleanliness and that's not a load of bull.

while we too have a she beast working for us, i've been on her good side lately so it's all good. i've really grown close to many of my co-workers and don't mind going to work at all. BTW - it's been almost a full year of working there!
Jan 28, 2002
3:16 pm PST

Re: Re: about my rating
by velvetmusk
Gee, Freak. I know you take pride in your reviews, but you're beginning to sound like She Beast...
Jan 25, 2002
2:22 pm PST

by bluehawq
It's all I could ever want. Fantastic job. I am teary.

One lone helpful rating. Sad. grrrr

Jan 13, 2002
10:54 am PST

Re: I had to work
by Freak369
You know what - the McRib is back baby!

One question - what is a ribblette?
Dec 8, 2001
5:10 am PST

Re: about my rating
by Freak369
1. Don't bother to read my reviews, I can do without your page hit.

2. Your reviews were rated NH because they were all the same except changing the name of the establishment.

3. You should seek mental help.

4. Don't litter my comment section with your little words, thoughts or issues.

Dec 8, 2001
5:09 am PST

about my rating
by vinceneilsgirl
i gave you this helpful rating for two reasons. First, because I used to work at McDonald's and I know what it's like. Secondly, because I wanted to show you that even though you NH all my ratings because I am an anti-feminist (this is obvious) I refuse to do the same to you just because you are a feminist.
Dec 6, 2001
5:29 am PST

by Thorbjore
I cannot convey strongly enough my enthusiasm for this review. My eyes got a little moist at the end, the dedication to the Jasons. Maybe it's PMS. ;)

For the first time, I actually put on my "away notice" because I was literally infuriated when anyone would dare interrupt me with an instant message during this fabulous read.

The character development was awesome... There are no words. I must depart now and go and read your other reviews. I am hooked.

You should thank Flamepillar for providing a link to this, because that's how I found it! I'll thank him too. I so thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nov 14, 2001
12:19 pm PST

I had to work
by shanna
for McDonald's when I was in high school, in fact the entire cheerleading squad did in order to pay for our uniforms, for an entire summer! This was back in the days of the mystery meat McRib sandwiches... ewww... I still have nightmare of stirring this vat of mystery meat in red sludge, and empting these huge grease vats.... Anyway, snapping back to present day, this is absolutely one of the top 5 epinions I have ever had the pleasure to come across. Thank flamepillar for the link and I will also because this was enlightening.

As a mom of a two 1/2 year old, I frequently find myself taking alternate routes home so that I don't have to pass McPlayland and hear the whining all the way home, now I will have to until the memory is totally erased from her memory bank because I will never be visiting again! Hopefully I can pick up the McToys from local garage sales!

Excellent job, you really went the extra mile and I think for sure the TV show would be a hit!

Nov 13, 2001
9:44 pm PST

Re: One of the funniest things..
by tiffy0380
I agree!!! Made me cringe and laugh all at once. Thanks to flamepillar for having a link to this great review.

Nov 6, 2001
11:20 am PST

One of the funniest things..
by erinrounds
I've read all week. The revenge section was particularly amusing, and appealed to my devilish side. Brilliant!
Oct 30, 2001
8:17 am PST

by TresCrazyDiva
One of your best reviews yet! And I will definately think twice before ingesting anything from a McDonalds again!
Oct 23, 2001
12:50 pm PDT

Re: McHell is not the only fast food place there are more
by Freak369
There are still a few fast food places that do things right - and even a few Mc Donald's that go the extra mile for customers. Wendy's is one of the better places but they are few and far between in California.


^V^ Freak ^V^
Oct 21, 2001
8:06 am PDT

McHell is not the only fast food place there are more
by klcc
McHell is not the only fast food place there are more. To go through McHell just for a review, now that is dedication. This was one very interesting review. I know that there are more than just McDonalds out there that are bad though. I know some fast food places that taste bad have to be bad behind the counters too.
There are a few good ones though. I worked at a Wendy's and their food is done right. They don't re-use food or drop and serve. GROSS!! YUCK!!! No more McDonald's ever! Great review Freak!! I look forward to your next one!! Keep it up!
Oct 21, 2001
1:18 am PDT

You are unbelievable - Freak!
by makeupu
You really went the extra mile on this one!This is right up their with your gas company , peroxide and Aussie review!

Wow - you've inspired me, but I couldn't suffer through making minimum wage for the sake of an Epinion! I hope you sent this to the corporate headquarters!

That TV show sounds like a great idea - I know a lot of producers! Call me if you're ever on the east coast!
Oct 17, 2001
9:18 pm PDT

I almost didn't want to read this Epinion. . .
by canuckyeti
. . as I knew I could never go back. You've cemented it Freak, they're off my list forever for quickie pick up food. The flies. . .geeesh.

Thanks for a smashing review!

The Canuck Yeti
Oct 16, 2001
1:47 pm PDT

Three Weeks? I'm Impressed...
by michealhead
I managed to last just 46 minutes, including my stint operating, and then sabotaging the shake machine.
The only highlight during my brief but memorable tenure in that monument to feces as food was my cry to a pimply faced little weasel in the guise of an assistant manager (at the top of my voice): "I'M NOT SERVING THESE BURGERS UNTIL THEY'RE COOKED, DAMMIT!!!, whereupon twenty or so waiting customers got up and immediately left.
The thought of poor little me saving all those lives...

Great review, I mean it!

Oct 15, 2001
4:24 pm PDT

Your review
by Rosalyce
just cemented my feelings about eating at any FF establishment. Bad for your health on all counts!!!
Oct 14, 2001
7:45 am PDT

Re: Re:+Poor+Freak
by Freak369
I didn't think there would be much of a call for this type of review at a local newspaper. I am planning on an undercover mission at Arby's to see exactly what kind of meat it is they have on those big metal spits. Should be interesting!

Thanks for the visit!

^V^ Freak ^V^
Oct 14, 2001
4:57 am PDT

You Go, Girl
by nobody_knows
Give this Freak a Medal!! How did you manage to tolerate the job for as long as you did?

McD's has been on my blacklist for years. But now you've given me one more reason to shun, shun, shun the places. My greatest hope for the world is that all McDonalds (and other FF establishments, too, I'm afraid) implode at the same time, leaving room for thousands of small, individually owned family restaurants featuring real cooking, healthy food and decent jobs for all hands.

Oh, yeah, and I believe in the tooth fairy too.

Many thanks for your sacrifice.
Oct 13, 2001
2:35 pm PDT
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