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Hes NOT my Papa.

Mar 23, 2006 (Updated Mar 23, 2006)
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Pros:They deliver.

Cons:If they are late, they're lost.

The Bottom Line: My tastebuds say no.

I received a mailer from Papa John’s today and was prompted to write a review even though there are many reviews of this establishment. I have ordered from Papa John’s for many years due to an anonymous decision. I was always against it. The reason I receive them is because several times we have ordered online for pick-up or delivery and therefore my home must be on their mailing list. The flier came with 2 coupons which are good for 6 weeks. It was very easy to order after you register. You can take your time and view the menu which gives you time to decide and order in advance then pick it up if you are going to be out or they will deliver. Also, if you don’t have any coupons, you can check out their specials which changes frequently. The website is fairly easy to navigate. They did have anchovies as a topping, but whenever I called to place an order they would tell me they do not have anchovies at that location and I did tell them why don’t they remove it from their website. I have not ordered from them for a long time. I just decided to check their website to see if they still offer it, and noticed it has been removed.

What, no anchovies?
Most Italians like anchovies on their pizza occasionally. Is John Schnatter Italian? Doesn’t seem like to me. But you don’t have to be Italian to make pizza. On the Menu and Nutrition page of the website, it lists anchovies but states “Toppings may vary per restaurant”. I’m still confused, sometimes they list it then it’s only by location. I can’t figure that one out. The Nutritional page lists the values for dieters for each different size slice of pie. Very helpful for those with diabetes, heart condition and any watching their calorie intake.

Papa John makes 8 Signature Pizzas and Create Your Own (Lg Only). They offer 16 toppings. Dipping sauces are $.40. Their Extras include Sweetreat cinna swirl, breadsticks, cheesesticks, garlic breadsticks, chickenstrips and Papa’s wings. I’ve only tried the cinnaswirl when they first came out they gave free samples with the pizza order.

I must say that Papa John’s and Pizza Hut really leave me with a bad aftertaste. I don’t know what it is about these 2 chains, but I try not eat either pizzas too often. I do prefer Pizza Hut over Papa John’s though. Pizza Hut does have anchovies. Papa’s pies are a bit sweeter but Pizza Hut’s dough is better tasting to me. Pizza Hut’s pies are a few dollars more for the largest pie. I also have ordered from Domino’s until one day I picked up a pie and noticed a delivery guy go and help make pizzas since they were behind in orders and start making pies without washing his hands. Needless to say, that was my last order from Domino’s.

My preference is if I want Italian pizza I have to have it from a local Italian pizzeria. I like that extra grease. Not because I’m Italian, but I think it just tastes better. My family members all have their own favorite place which we all cannot agree on. So deciding on a pizzeria is difficult when we want pizza. Sometimes we take turns in choosing. They only sell Coke, Diet Coke & Sprite in the 2 liter bottles.

He’s lost!
Their delivery to my home has not been reliable. They have gone to a different home and then when the time I was given had expired, I would call and they told me he was on his way with an apology that he went to a wrong address, even though I would always make them repeat my address. Their drivers are not really swift with directions. Perhaps the reason being their drivers don’t last long since many times I saw different people. This would cause the pizzas to arrive cooled, not to my liking.

I love pizza for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But as for
Papa John’s, I would give it 1 1/2 stars. They do try to make the best but it’s not “Better” for my taste. (to order online)

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