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Apr 13, 2008
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Pros:Convenient delivery, delicious menu items.

Cons:Chicken wings are just too hot & spicy for us.

The Bottom Line: The food is good & though famous for their pizza, the new pastas are quite delicious, too.

Due to my physical limitations, we often order food delivery & Pizza Hut is no exception. Their pizza is usually very delicious & delivery is timely. In addition, I realized that you can also ask for picnic supplies of napkins, sporks, paper plates & cups. Our local Pizza Hut gives all of this along with packets of parmesan cheese, peppers and hard candy mints! I also frequently select the Pizza Mia $5 specials though you actually have to order three pizzas to get the deal and they all have to be one-topping pizzas. Nevertheless, I find it is economical and the pizza is actually good. Our favorite on these deals is the bacon bit pizza. Otherwise, our standard favorite is the mushroom & Italian sausage deep pan pizza.

Saturday was movie night for the family and the two of us who usually cook didn't feel like cooking. So we vied for Pizza Hut only this time we decided to try their new Tuscani Pasta. We chose the Chicken Alfredo flavor and they also have Meaty Marinara, which also includes 5 breadsticks. It did take a little longer for this order which we assumed that it may take a tad longer because they have to cook the pasta, or warm it up whatever the case may be. About an hour later, we received the delivery. It came in a small aluminum pan filled to the top and looked as if it were just taken out of the oven when we opened it. The pasta was the little corkscrew type [sorry don't know the official name for it] and there was melted cheese on the top sprinkled with what looked like paprika. So, we served it up on the TV trays, put on the movie, and began to consume - happily.

The pasta was delicious. We had actually prepared ourselves to be disappointed and were surprised, indeed. The seasoning was sufficient, the taste was very creamy though not too rich and the cheese added to the wonderful taste overall. I'm not sure I could agree that it is like a fine restaurant pasta, but I can say that for $11.99 a pan which feeds 4 and tastes as good as it did, I'll stand by this pasta. It was great for our situation and I didn't regret spending the money for it at all.

It is refreshing that they have added the pasta meals because in the area of chicken wings, this is my least favorite on the Pizza Hut menu. While many people enjoy the hot & spicy chicken, our family does not. Although there is the very hot & spicy and the mild hot & spicy. There is also barbecue flavor, which it turns out to be that it is hot & spicy covered with barbecue sauce. A huge disappointment for us and though we have ordered it only two times, on the most recent order I asked specifically that it be extra mild. I even asked that they not put any sort of hot and/or spicy flavoring on it & they agreed adamantly that it would be mild. It wasn't. We never ever order their chicken wings now. By comparison, Dominos does a great job on their barbecue chicken wings & it is not at all hot or spicy. Hot in temperature, not in taste. When they call it barbecue, that's what the sauce tastes like - barbecue.

We have also tried the breadsticks and these are not my favorite, but go quite well with the pasta dish. I prefer the cheese sticks from Papa Johns. I do enjoy the Pizza Hut Cinnamon sticks, but they need to be eaten quickly as they are not so tasty the next day. We have also ordered 2-liter drinks sometimes if we can't get to the store right away or are out of drinks. This can run into some expensive drinks by comparison to the grocery store. At PH, their 2-liters run about $2.29 each.

We seldom have eaten in-restaurant using mostly delivery. The delivery person(s) are always very nice and although there is a delivery charge (we assume for the outrageous gas costs that we are all familiar with), we always are happy to tip our delivery person. Having said that, sometimes when calling in, I have not always enjoyed conversing with the order taker. On more than one occasion, there has been a female who seems really annoyed taking the order & I try not to ask her any questions because she has an attitude. I have more recently had good experiences with the order takers, mostly male, but on a few occasions they have forgotten certain items. Also, depending on which location we use, the phone lines are often busy for extended periods of time so we'll call another place. Unless it's on a Sunday because Pizza Hut is the only pizza restaurant open on Sundays here.

Overall, I do enjoy the food at Pizza Hut along with the convenience of delivery. I wish more restaurants, other than pizza ones, would offer delivery. Given the service, the prices, the convenience, the food, the innovation of new products and reputation, I would give Pizza Hut 3-1/2 stars out of 5.

I highly recommend Pizza Hut's pizzas & now, particularly, the Chicken Alfredo Tuscani Pasta. Thanks for reading and bon appetit!


PS I know Tuscany is spelled with a Y, but this is how they spell their product.

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