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I think I will pass

Jul 21, 2000
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Pros:are there any?

Cons:oh my goodness..please scroll on down...

When oh when will this day end? Or shall I say, “Are you finished YET?” Take a little trip with me on this very unusual outing to PIZZA HUT. Unusual? Yes, that is correct because I always turn my nose up when the words PIZZA HUT are spoken. Melanie (One of my best friends) was quite surprised that I said this was where we were having our lunch. She asked me if we were meeting one of my guy friends there since she could not believe that I was going to eat there. I reassured her that I had no ulterior motive (LOL).

The setting is a busy, busy Friday rush hour lunch bunch. Melanie and I look at each other roll our eyes. Just as I had imagined the place was packed and so we had to wait a few minutes to get a booth. We are rather picky and we always have to sit in a booth when we meet for lunch. Don’t question us just go along for the rest of the story.

It seems like it took forever and a day to get a waitress and two menus. In reality it was a little over five minutes before the above mentioned happened. I ordered my usual water with eight lemons. The waitress gave me the usual are you crazy look and repeated what I said at least three times. Each time I reassured her that I indeed wanted eight lemons with my water. Melanie ordered her usual Diet Coke and was lucky enough not to get any lip from the waitress.

We gossip for a few minutes about what has been going on in the last twenty-four hours. You know the usual girl stuff. Things were going pretty good until the waitress brought our drinks out. She informed me I was ONLY ALLOWED TO HAVE ONE LEMON! That is correct I was only allowed one lemon. I looked at her and asked her what the problem was and how difficult was it to bring out water with eight lemons. She informed me then that I did not need that many lemons. I looked at her and politely said something to the effect of “And whom do you think you are telling me what I can and can not have based on what you think I do and do not need?” She turned around and walked off without saying a word. She then returns with seven more slices of lemon and sarcastically replied, “Have it your way!” I looked at Melanie and then looked back at the waitress and then spoke the words, “I do believe I am the paying customer and I should be able to order and get whatever my heart desires.”

As you can see this lunch was not going well at all. I actually had hopes that the service would be better than it had been in the past. What in the world was I thinking? And honestly I couldn’t even tell you.

So Melanie decides that she is going to just get the buffet. I opted to order from the menu since I really can’t stand their pizza. I ordered a regular order of the Cavatini with Marinara Sauce. This and the Chicken Fettuccini are about the only things I will eat when I am forced to eat here. Melanie reported that the buffet was picked over and they weren’t bringing any more pizza out since it was almost time to close down the buffet. By almost time that translates to ONE HALF HOUR. So that is correct that for one half hour, there would not be any new pizzas for those hungry individuals that were there to eat. Maybe I have the wrong idea that as a business you are there to provide goods and services to customers. Well today was definitely a day that Pizza Hut was lacking in meeting the expected needs of the customers. My cavatini was actually pretty good compared to everything else that Pizza Hut had provided us.

So what exactly does Pizza Hut have to offer besides lousy service?


Buffalo wings which range in price from $2.99 for a half order to $8.99 for two dozen wings.

Breadsticks that range in price from $2.39 plain to $3.39 with cheese. This price is on an order of 5 breadsticks.

Garlic Bread for an order of 4 starts at $1.99 and increases to $2.99 with cheese.


All soft drinks and tea are $1.29 with free refills.

A soft drink pitcher is $3.69 and does not include free refills.



Veggie Lovers

Pepperoni Lovers

Meat Lovers


Super Supreme

Chicken Supreme



Pan Pizza

Thin ‘N Crispy

Hand Tossed Style

STUFFED CRUST PIZZA seems to be a popular choice here at Pizza Hut from what I am told.

The prices range from $6.89 for a small to $15.99 for a large. A small pizza has six slices compare to the large pizza that has twelve slices to offer.


Spaghetti or Cavatini start at $2.49 and top off at $4.29.

Chicken Fettuccini tops off at $4.99 for a regular order.



Ham ‘N Cheese

The above sandwiches retail on the menu for $3.89 and are served with potato chips and a pickle spear.


One trip salad has a price tag of $1.99 if purchased with a meal.

As a meal salad has a price tag of $3.99 and it is an all you can eat.

Pizza Hut also offers their famous Personal Pan Pizza with one topping for $2.99.

Monday through Friday Pizza Hut offers an all you can eat lunch buffet for only $4.79. I personally think this is a rather good price if you love to eat pizza and are really hungry on your lunch hour. Also offered is a KID’S MENU for those that are under the age of 12. The kids can get a Kid’s Pack that includes: a single topping personal pan pizza that comes with a drink and a cool toy. The menu also offers a kid’s size spaghetti, half sandwich, or kid’s salad.

MY CONCLUSION…Will I be back? Probably one time before the end of this year. I can seriously only eat here maybe twice a year. Do I recommend Pizza Hut? Not really, but some of you may like pizza buffets, bad service, and greasy pizza. In my college town unfortunately we have two Pizza Huts and they stay pretty busy it seems. I know as a college student they are well like because they give the students a 20% discount on their meal with an id. So a lot of students frequent these two eateries here.

All in this entire restaurant chain is not bad unless you are a picky eater like myself. I do hope that if you do dine at a Pizza Hut that your experience is more pleasant that what we have experienced.

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And for those of you who might be wondering the waitress still received a tip from us!

~Have a great day and thanks 4 reading~

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