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Re: Good Epinion
by triprey
I agree it was well-written. Personally, my RR experience is usually a good one. Please keep in mind that RR is a burger franchise so when reviewing such establishments, it is unwise to use the same standards as if you were reviewing Morton's or some other high-end places.

My only consistent complaint about RR are their pitiful appetizers, which are as the reviewer states, are all pre-frozen battered deep fried "food". Otherwise the burgers are not bad and the prices are reasonable.
Apr 1, 2005
11:32 am PST

Re: Good Epinion
by parrrk
This is the only Red Robin I've been to. But I am more than willing to try another because I know they are franchises, and will vary greatly! Thanks for the compliment too!
Nov 11, 2000
8:21 pm PST

Good Epinion
by sweety25
I highly Recommended your epinion because it was written really good. But I think if you ever go to a different town and they have a Red Robin you should try it. To me the Red Robin you described sounded completly opposite of the Red Robin I know.
Nov 11, 2000
8:51 am PST

Well written, although...
by Shyra2
this sounds nothing like the Red Robbin near me. The one I go to is great all around. Too bad the one near you sucks! lol

Shyra :)
Oct 24, 2000
9:16 pm PDT