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You Want a Ultimate Colossal Burger?

Apr 22, 2006
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Pros:Variety, Prices, Ultimate Colossal Burger, Beers

Cons:Inconsistency in Service, Asian Dumplings

The Bottom Line: Stop by for a burger and beer. Its a good place for that, and the menu has a lot of choices.

Whenever I hear the words Ruby Tuesdays, I think of the voice of Mick Jagger singing that terrible song. After working mentally through the pain and anguish, I remember that it is a restaurant as well. They have a couple of locations in my town, and over eight hundred franchisee and corporate establishments throughout the world. In fact, they seem to dot the landscape, as the book "Fast Food Nation," described perfectly.

The one thing going for Ruby Tuesday's, is their impressive menu selection. Even their appetizer lists appears to be taken from the United Nations, for better or worse. Their pre-meal warmups include items such as Cheese Fries, Chicken Strips, Mozzarella Sticks, and even Asian Dumplings. These items, reasonably priced between $5-$10, offer a lot of variety for even resoundingly picky eaters. I really like the Sampler, which is a mixed of their fried goodies. This is served with Barbecue, Ranch, and Honey Mustard Dressing. The Mozzarella Sticks are a lso a good choice, but stay far away from the Asian Dumplings. These doughy objects with chicken inside, are basted in a peanut sauce. The texture alone leaves much to be desired, and the taste is nothing short of disgusting. I cannot describe it under Epinions site rules, but even the microwaveable dumplings at the grocery store are better.

The best part of Ruby's, besides their excellent bar, is the hamburgers. They have over twenty five to choose from, and I love them for this. Their burgers include traditional beef, crabcake, fish, veggie, chicken, and turkey. Their Ultimate Colossal Burger commercials caught my attention, and I recently tried it for the first time. It is a MONSTER, with two half pound patties on a triple decker bun. It is so big that it has a knife going through it, and I'm a man enough to admit that I could not finish it. This is not because I didn't like it, but because its just simply too big.(Note:I do like to eat a lot, so this is a meal that will be more than adequate for anyone) It was delicious, and cooked to my uptight standards of extremely well done. The veggies on top were fresh, and the roll had not one trace of any staleness. It was toasted, and the pickles were tangy. If you want to take a different path for cuisine, try the Killer Fish Burger. This above average burger, is in reality a Tilapia Sandwich. For those who have not had Tilapia, it doesnt have a traditional fishy taste. If you like grilled tuna, you were surely like it. This sandwich was a bit spicy, and it is an interesting selection. Ruby's Burgers range from $6-$10, and all are a excellent bargain. Their fries make for a nice side item.

There is a good variety of other entrees as well, even though my Ruby's stop is for a burger with beer. I've dined on the New Orleans Platter to change things up, and it is an appetizing dish.(I'll admit that I'm biased, as I love Tilapia.) Its Tilapia with Shrimp, in Alfredo Sauce, Cheese, Rice, and Tomatoes. It didn't fill me up as much as their burgers do, but it was quite tasty. The selection of steaks, pastas, and ribs platters is above average. My friends enjoy the Ruby's steaks, but I haven't tried them yet. They do appear to be well portioned, and my friends said they were quite good.

The sides for the meals includes: broccoli, cauliflower, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, onion rings, onion straws, french fries, rice, and baked potatoes. The sides are all decent, with the exception of the onion straws. Every time they have been burned to a crisp. Even if a few of them are salvageable, they do not fill you up. They also are guaranteed to make you unbelievably thirsty, and requiring a lot of liquid refreshment. The aftertaste leaves a lot to be desired as well.

If you choose to abstain from alcoholic beverages, there are plenty of soft drinks to choose from. I like Ruby's well stocked bar, and I'm convinced they have over one hundred beers. There are so many of these domestic and imported beers on tap, or in bottle if you prefer. I love their mixed drinks, especially their "Ragin Cajun Bloody Mary" and Long Island Ice Teas.(Oxsana Baul's-you olympic junkies will get this joke) The staff is quite generous with the alcohol content portioning, so please use a designated driver.(Always when drinking-please, for your safety and others.) The bartenders I've encountered are very knowledgeable, and I've never seen them cheating by looking in a bartenders reference guide.

Ruby's is one of my favorite places to relax, and I usually sit at the bar. They have televisions in this area, so I never miss my football games. The bar crowd tends to be quite tame, which is a pleasure, as I don't go to bars looking to fight. Its a business type group, and it never seems to be crowded. In addition the bartenders do a good job on making customers feel comfortable, and being extra good on having drinks dispensed in a orderly fashion.

As for regular seating areas, the tables are comfortable for family dinners. The locations I have been to are quite clean, but the service has been all over the board. There was an experience where I felt like we were school children in timeout, as we were completely ignored. Another time I received my meal, wasn't checked on after it arrived, and was just handed a bill. However, on most visits I've been pleased with the level of dedication provided by the staff. A lot of our Ruby's employees ,are staffed by young ladies studying at the local university. Basically, I'm in trouble as soon as I come home, as Mrs. Toiletoctopus gives me the "investigative eye."

I like Ruby's, and consider it a good place for Burgers and Beers. Its nothing overly fancy, but its a decent place to catch a sporting event at the bar. The prices are reasonable for large families in the normal seating area, and there aren't a lot of extended wait times even during rush periods. Just make sure you are plenty hungry when trying the Ultimate Colossal Burger, as it is three meals in one sitting!

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