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The Sandwichs Come Out Looking Just Like The Pictures, NOT!!

May 29, 2000
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Pros:Good Bread

Cons:Don't go there hungry

As I walked into the subway for the first time, (passing through the gas station that housed it.) I stared at the pictures on the wall and said to myself, this is the place to end the growling in my stomach!

From the pictures above, I knew that I would only need half a sandwich. What kind of human being would need the pounds of food as depicted in the advertisment?

I watched in awe as they started to make my sandwich, A kid, who really shouldn't be handling sharp objects, sliced the famous Subway V into the bun that would house the mounds of turkey supplied in my turkey and cheese.

He then proceeded to carefully add about 1/8 ounce of that glorious pressed turkey meat into the hollow he created with his knife. He then passed my sandwich to a girl who was to complete the second phase in sub making history. (I drew a sharp breath as the handoff was bobbled, thinking that my lunch might hit all the residue of previous misses that lay on the floor.)

The girl then proceeded to put on the cheese. It occured to me why the bun was cut the way it is...They can put in half the amount of ingredients to make it look full. Two glorious half slices of cheese to fill the need in my stomach.

I looked as she then thew on the toppings to complete the masterpiece shown in bright lights above their work area. The next handoff came and went with no incident as it was passed to the cashier.

I gladly passed her my money, noticing that this was the same girl fired from the previously mentioned gas station for not being able to count change. I did not care, since I now was going to have that glorious sandwich that I keep seeing in their ads.

I sat down, (after brushing the remains of the last customer off my seat) and proceeded to unwrap my sandwich...Anticipation mounted as I removed the paper from this monster....

Where was my sandwich? Inside I find a White Castle version of the picture I stared at throughout the buying process. It would have taken 5 or six of these to make the one in the picture.

As I finished my lunch..both bites of it, all I could think of was the movie Oliver....."MORE PLEASE"

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