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Waffle House if you must.

Nov 11, 2004
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Pros:On many exits from the interstate. They serve food.

Cons:Some of the restaurants are dirty. We have been ignored by staff.

The Bottom Line: If there is no other restaurant around, give it a try. Just order a drink, and while you are looking at the menu, check out the food preparation area.

While down in Treasure Island, we have eaten in some great restaurants. However, we have very little to choose from in the immediate area. We were walking back from listening to music the other evening, and the only choice was McDonald's or Waffle House. I waited until we got back to our timeshare and ate there.

Today we were hungry and decided to give Waffle House another try. We have eaten at several Waffle House restaurants located on the exits to the Interstates. As there are so few choices on some exits, people have to eat in these, and we how found the food barely edible, to say the least. Over in Orlando with Len's sister, we called into a Waffle House, just for drinks and that was fine. We were sitting at the counter and watched the cook layering bacon to go in the refrigerator. He would do a few layers and then wipe his hands on his white terry cloth. I assume it was one that had been in a bucket of bleach water, as the Florida Health Department require. He completed his task and put the bacon in the fridge. At the back of the fridge were dark black stains, possibly mold. After this he laid the cloth down, and started cooking. The cloth did not go back into water, and he did not wash his hands throughout the whole process.

So today, we were hesitant, but thought we would watch the cook like a hawk to see how he prepared our food. We decided not to have eggs, as they were sitting above the cooking area, and not refrigerated to the correct temperature. We had some coupons from the entertainment book, so we both had the bowl of chili and a B.L.T. on wheat toast. This was a buy one, get one free.

Our server was in training. She immediately welcomed us and got our drinks. I passed her the coupon and ordered. She took it to another server who was training her, and they came back to make sure she had the correct order. I watched a couple of meals being cooked and delivered to a booth, then it was our turn. The wheat bread into the toasters and the bacon on the grill. That was really it. When the toast came up, the cook put lettuce and tomato on the toast, then added 6 pieces of bacon per order, and topped it off with the other toast. He put this around a bowl, and the server picked it up. She spooned the chili in, then brought it over to us. Another diet pepsi was delivered to Len. I checked on my bacon and it was cremated, so I knew that the heat of the grill had made it safe to eat.

Now the chili was very average, it really didn't have a kick in it at all. There was plenty of meat. The B.L.T. was good. The L.T. was very fresh and the bacon cooked well. We both ate heartily and I was surprised. During the meal, the server came back twice to check on us, and topped up Len's diet soda.

So I have to say this visit was a better experience. In the past we have had to return food. We have had servers that wanted to continue their conversations, and not take care of their customers. We even sat down one time, and nobody waited on us. We walked out without ordering.

As you can probably tell, I started to write this review, while on vacation at Treasure Island. Well, I am back home and wanted to complete it.

A little about Waffle House.

You can't miss them. There are over 1,400 franchises in 25 states. The first one opened in 1955, so some have to be good. They have the bright yellow sign, and yellow top of the building, with the colorful stripe awning. They are one of the few chains that are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Denny's used to be the same, but a few years back they decided to close Christmas Day, and had to have locks put on the doors.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day and night long. It doesn't matter when you want a meal, you can order anything off the menu.

Inside the restaurant there are booths either side, and a breakfast bar immediately ahead. This is where we like to sit, as the cooking area is immediately in front of us. Having been in the business, I like to see what is going on, and that my meal is prepared correctly and no major cock up's happen. There is also a jukebox, if you like music while you eat.

Some menu items.

Waffles of course. Plain or with eggs, sausage, bacon, or ham.
Omlettes. Ham & cheese, ham, cheese, with a side of sausage or bacon.
Steak and eggs, pork chop, county ham, chop steak, or chicken and eggs.
Breakfast sandwiches.
Eggs with all the fixings.
7 different kinds of hashbrowns.

Soup & Chili.

T-Bone steak.
Chop steak.
Pork Chop.
Country Ham.

Always a kid meal selection, and a lighter meal, with 2 salad's and a side salad.

Coca Cola products, minute maid, coffee, milk, tea, & hot chocolate.

The menu is a laminated sheet, and most franchises need to change them on a more regular basis. The corners are bent and peeling.

The prices are more expensive than Burger King, McDonald's, and Wendy's. More on par with Denny's. Even though I have had problems with Denny's, if I only had the two on my block, I would take Denny's anytime.

Waffle House web site is www.wafflehouse.com/
Phone number 1-877-9-WAFFLE.

When I am home I have about 100 restaurants to choose from in West Pasco county. Therefore I avoid Waffle House. Unfortunately most of these places are 'Mom and Pop' places, and don't have a web-site, so I am unable to write about them.

Thank you for checking out Waffle House with me. I will try to find a restaurant that I love next time.


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