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Get me an All-Beef Kraut Dog, Please

Jan 2, 2001
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Pros:quick, decent service, yummy beef hot dogs and chili-cheese fries

Cons:beef hot dogs come with a surcharge, burgers leave something to be desired


I can remember visiting Weinerschnitzel as a small child in the '70's. I really loved it then -- as much as my 5yo daughter does now. Although I very rarely ate at Weinerschnitzel for many years, I now take my kids there quite frequently. It's usually my daughter's choice when I offer to take her out for a quick lunch after school.

About the Food

I honestly can say that I think the regular hot dogs are pretty much junk. I don't buy anything but All-Beef hot dogs for home and I always order the All-Beef dogs at Weinerschnitzel -- and the quality is about the same as the better super-market All-Beef Hot Dogs. I also stay away from their burgers -- I have just always found them to be plain yucky.

I usually get a Kraut Dog and my kids get plain dogs. If my hubby is along, he'll usually go for a chili-cheese dog. I love their chili-cheese fries -- they are classic, greasy junk-food. Perfect with a nice, cold soda. Their corn-dog minis are also quite tasty.

About the Service

I cannot think of a time when I did not get good service at Weinerschnitzel. The service usually is not outstanding, yet it is consistently decent, which is more than I can say for most of the other fast-food joints we visit regularly.


It's a little annoying to have to pay extra for the beef hot dog, but they are bigger as well. I just think they should serve only high-quality hot dogs. Just my opinion, of course. =) For bargain hunters, I usually have no trouble finding great coupons in mailers and things like Entertainment.

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