Rexall Niacin Flush Free 500 Mg - Capsules, 45 Ct Reviews

Rexall Niacin Flush Free 500 Mg - Capsules, 45 Ct

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No flush, artificial anything, subtle effective Rexall Niacin supplement caps

May 9, 2013
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Pros:Effective, only a supplement, able to break open if pill-swallow challenged

Cons:Can't be kept in very warm/moist atmosphere, although brown plastic

The Bottom Line: I don't recommend this daily if you get sufficient amounts in the foods listed; however only supplement with this capsule when fasting or cleansing or sensing its 'necessary' for you

It seems being healthy takes an even greater toll on those that are clueless about nutrition, safety of questionable ingredients and of course availability of said product. Its not that these people are unable to learn, its just that what is presented to them is vague or so full of chemical terminology, they shrink back into the crevices of society and hope what they are eating will manifest into ‘the perfect diet’ for them.

Well its not that simple but its not also that difficult when you have resources to assist you in developing healthy eating patterns and using supplements to well, supplement what you miss from your diet. Vitamins generally accompany many of the foods we eat but at the same time how those foods are cultivated, harvested and then processed still could strip those precious vitamins and nutrients.

Companies like Schiff, Johnson & Johnson, and this one Rexall-- all try and make supplements both available and chock-full of just what one needs to make the body a happy place. I am grateful that Rexall does not utilize un-natural sources to mask or coat their vitamins or minerals so that individuals who have sensitivities to just about everything can also enjoy a ‘happy body’.

Now on with my review . . .


It is not likely that an individual will be allergic to vitamins or minerals; however what those minerals or vitamins may be encased by, can. In the case of these capsules, the hardened gelatinous material that encapsulates the vitamin B3 (Niacin= Nicotinic acid (no not the kind from cigarettes that is nicotine and different), should be discussed between you and a health professional, conventional or naturopathic.

My suggestion is to check with your doctor BEFORE adding this supplement should you be already consuming many foods rich with this vitamin. Overloads are as scary as allergic symptoms.


A smooth opaque not transparent capsule manufactured from vegetable gelatin and silica that houses fine white crystalline shiny powder is inside.


The Federation of United Drug Stores originating in 1902, gave a license to distribute among nearly 12, ooo stores between 1920 and 1977, the nutritional supplements many people lack from their diet alone. Between OTC (over the counter) and Canadian drugstores, the Rexall company since 1985 has been the main supplier of these vitamins and minerals all across the US.

For more pertinent info on this company please refer to link below, at end of this review.


According to the label on this little brown plastic yellow-capped bottle, an individual should consume with food, one capsule every day UNLESS you are eating an adequate amount of Vitamin B3 in your food. If you cannot swallow this, just turn each side counterclockwise and it will open allowing the precious powder inside to be dissolved in the hottest beverage you can find (such as coffee or tea) and drink it down with your food.


In an age where obesity is very common and a myriad of disorders affect 100’s of bodies of all the blood types and body proportions out there, one may not be sure which particular vitamins and minerals should be avoided or enforced as a ritual in the daily life of us. It took me awhile despite acing high school and college chemistry, which vitamins are most important for the body.

I discovered a bit later in life, after the bout with an ovarian non-cancerous cyst, that Niacin was in fact missing from my diet because I was NOT consuming enough vegetables, fruits, liver, and poultry AND my body needed rejuvenation. Mind you this particular vitamin of the B-complex is less important than Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) or Thiamin (Vitamin B1) which are equally part of the water-soluble substances found in the high protein foods.

Since I am NOT a fan of liver of any kind (except maybe the occasional chicken livers and white wine sauce) I might have been missing out on the benefits of this particular Vitamin, the B3. Of the many B vitamins we need, this one works directly with three body systems: the digestive tract, the endocrine pool and the circulatory system.

It is good to know that this vitamin is not destroyed by heat from cooking (even sweating/ overheating profusely) or oxidation caused by oxygen overload, it stands up to the very active or very sedentary individual. There are at least 10 specific foodstuffs that are rich in this vitamin, that list is at the bottom of this review. 


For some foodstuffs the listing of these ingredients is crucial to the consumer who wants to know what they can or cannot consume in conjunction with their daily meds or level of exercise.

These can change between foodstuffs and the companies that manufacture or distribute, but they can change so check the labels against web info, doctors recommendations, or your own research into what is what in your food, or your vitamin supplement.

The active ingredient is: Niacin listed as Inositol (comprised of 6 carbon atoms, 6 hydrogen atoms and 6 atoms of the hydroxyl ion (OH) Hexanicotonate 400mg worth plus Inositol by itself serving of 100mg worth. (I wonder if vicfar will state if my info here, is correct or not).

The inactive ingredients are: Gelatin (protein obtained by the hydrolysis of collagen present in connective tissue of our skin, bones and joints), Vegetable Stearic Acid (found in some vegetables as a white fatty acid), Silica (Silicon dioxide which is a non-metallic element found in our soil), & Vegetable Magnesium Stearate (a compound of magnesium and palmitic & stearic acids), commonly seen and used in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacturing of tablets, in this case capsules.


If you are pill-swallowing challenged, taking with slimy food substances can be quite effective; otherwise you can follow advice in the positives section of this review for an alternative way to consume this supplement powder encapsulated.


Serving Size= 1 capsule (take with food)
Servings per canister= 45 capsules

Calories= 0 n/a
Total Fat= 0 n/a
Monounsaturated Fat=0%
Polyunsaturated Fat = 0%
Saturated Fat= 0 n/a
Trans Fat= 0%

Cholesterol= 0%
Sodium= 0 n/a
Total Carbohydrates= 0 n/a

Protein = 0g or 0%
Fiber= n/a
Sugars= 0 n/a

Iron= n/a
Vitamins A & C= 0%
Calcium= n/a
Potassium= n/a

This product is free of all these things: Artificial color & flavor, Gluten, Lactose, Milk or Milk Derivatives, Preservatives, Sodium, Soy, Sugar, and Wheat !


I found with the ‘flush-free’ version (which this is), I don’t experience the flashes of a warm dizzy-ing feeling throughout my body; therefore I can take ½ of this in hot water following my morning coffee & right before I consume a meal rich in carbohydrates and sufficient in proteins (example an egg and toast OR cereal and fresh sausage link (no salt)).

Eggs are rich in this vitamin so I add the supplement only when I indulge in the ‘oatmeal and fruit’ breakfasts rather than the higher protein breakfast.

I encourage drinking a full glass of water after the food and 1 Rexall Niacin Flush Free 500mg- Capsules, 45 Ct to help assimilate better the dry ingredients (the Inositol Hexanicotinate) housed in the hardened gelatin, especially if you are pill-swallowing challenged.

You will appreciate the capsule’s ability to dissolve semi-quickly without leaving a gritty feel in your mouth or esophagus. The capsules are easy to split by twisting in opposite directions, each end to open and dispense into a hot beverage, so the overall effects will be quicker and you won‘t go into a ‘panic attack‘.


If you do not take this with food, you may experience a flush (especially those sensitive people like myself) even though the product specifies you won’t. There is no need to ‘double-up’ on this supplement as most of the foods we consume have a trace of this vitamin already present in its chemical make-up.

|| SMELL ||

A little on the sour side as the plastic bottle and the gelatinous material surrounding the Rexall Niacin Flush Free 500mg- Capsules, 45 Ct vitamins contents, may give off that odor. It is mild and not offensive to most.

|| TASTE ||

It does not stay in the mouth long enough for the taste buds to detect any real taste; however if you are NOT a pill-popper and challenged to the point of fear swallowing even the smallest capsule or tablet, the powdered contents may sit on the tongue for a few moments and resemble the taste of chalk. This quickly dissipates and there are no smelly burps or funky taste that lingers.

|| VERDICT (my) ||

I have been careful in my new diet to reduce my sodium, low density lipids, and eating sugary snacks with either xylitol (sugar derived from a hardwood source, therefore a wood alcohol (is that correct vicfar ?) or raw unbleached cane sugar. As the latter mixing sometimes causes digestive issues and hormonal fluctuations, I resort to sticking with what I know is tolerable, even enjoyable in my food selections.

I prefer over heavy meats and starches, the lighter fare of grains and vegetables so I am getting enough Niacin and only supplement with this capsule when I practice fasting or cleansing of most things and do the lemon-water treatment. I figure I might be missing some of this lesser important vitamin our bodie needs to keep diseases like Pellagra away.

While your eating healthy and taking a multi-vitamin, it would not be necessary to over-load and take this in addition to those; this is just good for when you lack the vitamin in grandiose proportion and want to make up for it without eating a whole gardenful of sun-dried tomatoes or a dozen anchovies ! 

So far so good . . .
I rate this particular product by Rexall ***** stars.

The top foods richest in Vitamin B3 are:

Yeast extract; Rice or Wheat (Bran); Anchovies, Swordfish & Tuna; Liver (most animals offer this iron & niacin rich compounds--but to get past the taste, well that’s another review); Paprika; Peanuts; Lean Veal; white meat of chicken; Bacon and Sun-dried (not chemically dried) tomatoes.

Bacon is high in low density lipids which are responsible for some of the cases of atherosclerosis, but not exclusively to bad heart health-- it all depends on the individuals metabolic pattern for assimilation and elimination AND the daily level of exercise creating an oxygen rich environment, the person incorporates between meals.

Thank you for reading, I hope this has been helpful to you in some fashion.

|| References ||

Tabers Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, college chemistry notes & my own research-induced intellectual stimulation . . .

Lastly, I would like to thank CL Shantel in Wellness & Beauty/Nutrition for making this available in our database.

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