Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel 1/2 Pint High Gloss Oil Base Paint, Black…One of My Favorites!

Jan 28, 2013 (Updated Jan 28, 2013)
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Pros:Ease of Application, Durability

Cons:Clean up

The Bottom Line:

Rustoleum, Cheap insurance for all your wrought iron!

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I have a friend that, as a contractor, makes it a practice to point out all that’s wrong with the world’s construction.  In my mind, it’s a burden to have to take on that freight as if we all take a good hard look we can find something to carp about pretty much about anything.  I choose to make those observations on the job and leave them there, not that it makes me any wiser; it’s just all about the freight for me.

On the job, my observations often zero in on what should have been, more often than not D.I Y projects that probably never should have happened, but there’s a healthy infusion of just bad construction. One of the things that amazes me are development homes whose contractor didn’t make a mistake on just one home but repeated that mistake on every home in the community providing some contractor with a lot of work down the road.

 A while back I noticed a wrought iron contractor was literally making the rounds from one house to the next in a local development, for an extended period of time, replacing entry railings. One by one the neighbors started to break away from the developer’s concept to their own expression, of what their home should look like, which was perhaps the best and, in some cases, worst thing that came out of what was a unfortunate contractor mistake.

It appears that whoever installed the twin entry wrought iron raining railings saw fit to actually scallop out a slight well at the base of the four posts that were installed into concrete, allowing for rain water to pool at the base which, eventually, rusted through, allowing the entire unit to come away from its base, an obvious safety concern.

A number of homeowners, however, saw the problem early and remedied it by chipping away and building up and sealing the base. In addition they provided the necessary maintenance by coating the wrought iron periodically.

Like I’ve said before, casual observation and often simple maintenance can prevent costly repairs. Rust-Oleum 7779730 Protective Enamel can be all that you need to keep your wrought iron looking new and rust free for years. An oil based enamel, Rust-Oleum 7779730 Protective Enamel dries to a hard finish that will last for years. Perhaps one of the greatest things about Rustoleum Enamel is the ease which it applies, often with a simple sponge applicator. Preparation is the key to a good application often requiring a wire brushing or a hand sanding, my preference. Quick drying, Rust-Oleum 7779730 Protective Enamel dries to a hard finish capable of withstanding the harshest conditions the seasons can provide.

Cleanup requires turpentine or mineral spirits though with good site prep, rubber gloves and masking, you can pretty much avoid the hassle of a cleanup.

The only caveat comes by way of application. You don’t need to glob Rust-Oleum 7779730 Protective Enamel on, a little goes a long way and as it dries hard you’ll appreciate the ease of sanding on your next application, which should be around five years. Often two coats assure a great application for optimal results. The high gloss lasts until a time when you start to see it peel or chip away, the time to re-apply.
At the end of the day you have to love a great product like Rust-Oleum 7779730 Protective Enamel; it’s ease of application, hard drying, protection and durability; top that off with a street price of under $8.00 for a ½ pint that will last a few applications and you have a D.I Y. project that will pay for itself exponentially with great results every time!

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