Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite - Tender Convertible Car Seat Reviews

Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite - Tender Convertible Car Seat

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Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat - From Infant to School Age

Nov 6, 2011
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Pros:easy to use, well designed

Cons:none personally

The Bottom Line:

The Bottom Line is this is a good overall car seat that can stay with you for a while. 

As we gave birth to our second and even third child I got smarter about car seats. With the first child I always seemed to be purchasing the car seat that fit the child "right now", with no regard for growth and future purchases.  When we had the third child and she outgrew her infant car seat I first went to a car seat we had left over from her closely aged sister.  When she quickly became front facing and outgrew all that, I went shopping.

We own the Alpha Omega Elite  Convertible Car Seat, which overall was a great purchase for us.  It's simple, easy to use, and grows with our child. She is now at preschool age. 

The Car Seat Details

It starts as a rear facing car seat for sizes 5 pounds to 35 pounds.  Then it converts to a front facing seat for 22 to 50 pounds, and finally to a belt positioning booster from 40 to 100 pounds.  It's a sizable seat with a lot of comfort. It has padded arms that move and great seat cushioning.  It has a removable headrest and cup holder.  The seat is equipped for LATCH and has a Quickfit Harness.

Our Use

This seat always seems to grow with our child. It's like the company really thought out everything we would need!  Up until recently she used the 5 point harness system.  When she first used this car seat she liked the pillow headrest, but as she got older she quickly began to hate it. I love that the company thought to make it easy to remove!  She also at first had no one for a cup holder, but as she got older she desperately needed one - and this company thought of that too! 

The whole thing is put together well and designed to really grow with the child. It's padded and very comfortable, much more so than the less expensive seat I have for her older (6 year old) sister.  The straps are all easy to use and durable (we've had some twist and turn and be a real hassle to use).  Just recently we've switch her to the car seat booster feature and we just love that she didn't need a new car seat to transition to!

Some people have had concerns with the overall size of this and whether, when installing it, it rests in their car levely.  We have a huge mini van and our daughter's seat rests in it's own captains chair.  This design is perfect for this car seat! Though I haven't installed this seat in our car, I could see where it may take up too much room and/or not fit in the design of the seat well - I think this car seat is great for a larger vehicle though!

Also, we didn't purchase it in time to use as a rear facing seat. I have read some comments that say it sits up too straight this way, but since we never used that feature, I really couldn't comment on it.   Overall, I do feel that it's great to have found a car seat that really CAN grow with your child, and that adjusts as their needs and ability adjusts. 

All in All

We have been very satisfied with the Alpha Omega Elite  Convertible Car Seat and were glad that we really thought out this purchase. 

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