Samsung BD D5500 Blu-Ray Player is a Good Value Player

Dec 5, 2012 (Updated Dec 7, 2012)
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Pros:Easy to use and setup/upgrade, 3D awesome, lots of ports/connections, Smart Blu-ray player, nothing broken.

Cons:Wireless adapter not included, doors seem flimsy, stop button, remote control sluggish, few touch controls.

The Bottom Line: The Samsung BD D5500 Blu-Ray Player has a lot features, lots of connectivity options, it is 3D capable, and is overall a good value.

The Samsung BD D5500 Blu-ray player was included when we bought our Samsung UN60D7000 3D LED TV about a year ago. We also got two Samsung Active 3D Glasses SSG 3050GB for free. The Samsung BD D5500 Blu-ray player is capable of playing 3D Blu-ray discs and it has smart functionality (internet, apps, etc). I connected it to our TV via an HDMI cable since I wanted to take full advantage of the so called full HD and the 3D capability. Despite its capabilities this is not an expensive Blu-ray player. Overall we are pretty happy with it and it has all the functionality we need.

We use the Samsung BD D5500 Blu-ray player to play DVD’s and Blu-ray discs quite frequently and we’ve also used it to watch 3D movies.

Overview of the Samsung BD D5500 Blu-ray player

The Samsung BD D5500 Blu-ray player is a fairly small, flat and lightweight box with the disk tray and touch sensor buttons in the front and plenty of ports in the back. It is 17.0 x 8.3 x 1.5 inch and weighs 3.8 pounds. The ports are one HDMI port, which I am using, component video, as well as audio outputs including Optical Digital Audio Outputs. There is also an Ethernet port and two USB 2.0 ports.

The Samsung BD D5500 Blu-ray player plays DVD’s and Blu-ray discs and as mentioned it is 3D enabled, and you can use the USB ports to play media (Video, Photos, etc) that you have on external devices. You can connect to the internet via the Ethernet port or via Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi capable). However, to use Wi-Fi you need to purchase a Samsung Wi-Fi Link-Stick sold separately. It does not have a built in Wi-Fi adapter.

It is a “Smart Blu-ray player” so you can access and download Samsung apps, just like you can do using a Smart TV, or a Smart phone. However, since our TV (the Samsung UN60D7000 3D LED TV) is a Smart TV, which has built in Wi-Fi and hundreds of apps, this functionality is redundant to us. On the other hand, if your TV is not a Smart TV this functionality could be essential to you.

This Blu-ray player looks like a shiny black monolithic flat box if you look at it from the front. It does not take up much room, it does not look like it does much, and it almost does not look a Blu-ray player. However, as you get closer you’ll see a faint power on touch button. If you touch it the TV starts and the other touch controls on the Blu-ray player lights up and an LED says “No DISC”. There are four additional touch controls Stop, Play/Pause, Enter, and Eject. Naturally there are a lot more buttons on the remote control.

Setting up and Upgrading the Samsung BD D5500 Blu-ray player

Setting up this Blu-tay player is straight forward but you also need to upgrade the firmware to get the latest functionality and bug fixes. It appears that there is a new upgrade about once a month. You download the upgrades from the Samsung web site to a USB flash drive, a CD, or via Ethernet. I downloaded to a USB flash drive to get the latest upgrade. The upgrade will be stored in folder called “Image”. You insert the flash drive and then you use the remote to select settings, then scroll to support, the software, and upgrade, and then (in my case) by USB. After that everything is automatic and it will display some messages on the TV screen.


The TV and the front touch screen display turns on a tad slowly in my opinion. However, it is nice that the Blu-ray player turns on the TV and sets it for the correct input. The DVD and the Blu-ray discs also load fairly quickly. The player has a little bit too few touch controls in my opinion. I would expect at least a fast forward/backward button on the player like most DVD and Blu-ray player. Why that is an issue is because remote controls do get lost and they run out of battery. Therefore you need to use the touch controls on the player from time to time.

This brings me to a second related issue; the stop button is weird. When you press the stop button the movie stops naturally, but then you have to restart the movie from scratch because it apparently does not remember where the movie was stopped. My old Blu-ray player remembers where it was when you press stop. Sometimes you want to stop the movie and watch some TV but you can’t. Luckily the pause button works so you can at least pause the movie so you can and go get some potato chips.

Remote Control

The remote control has the same buttons as the Blu-ray player plus a lot more buttons for forwarding, going back, selection, navigation, exit, return, volume, menu, tools, TV source, info, and it has a Netflix button and a search button. Don’t lose this remote control you can’t do without it.

The remote control is fairly intuitive and easy to use and it is well explained in the user’s guide. However, one problem with the remote control is that it does not work well unless you direct it straight at the Blu-ray player. It is also sluggish and sometimes it takes a few seconds after you press the button before anything happens so you’ve got to go slow, especially when you are typing something using a keyboard on the TV screen. It is this way whether the batteries are new or not.

Picture Quality

Well the Blu-ray player is not the TV, and it is our 60 inch TV that ultimately provides the great picture and the sound. However, the TV, the HDMI cable, the Blu-ray discs, and the Blu-ray player all work well together to give us an awesome picture that is superior to most anything I’ve seen, whether you play Blu-ray discs or DVDs.

3D Experience

The same can be said about the 3D experience, which is awesome. This Blu-ray player has not had any issues with any 3D content we’ve tried, and it is displayed in all its splendor because of our great 60 inch 3D enabled TV, the Blu-ray discs, the HDMI cable, the active 3D glasses, as well as this Blu-ray player.


We’ve owned this Blu-ray player for almost a year now and so far nothing has happened to it. However, it is fairly small and lightweight and it slides easily so you have to be careful with it. The doors for the discs and for one of the USB ports also appear to be flimsy, but as I said so far nothing has broken.

Final Recommendation

This Blu-ray player generates great pictures, good sound, and a great 3D experience assuming you have high quality flat screen TV, an HDMI cable, and good 3D glasses. It works well and has so far not given us any problems. It has a lot of features, more than we need, and you can connect it to a wireless network of purchase Samsung Wi-Fi adapter. It is easy to use and it is stylish has lots of connectivity. However, the remote is sluggish, and I don’t like the selection of the touch control buttons and how the stop button works. Therefore I recommend this Blu-ray player, it has a good price, but I cannot give it a five star rating. I give it a four star rating.

I would also like to add the Samsung BD D5500 Blue-Ray player to my “Time & Space write-off” since it is an electronic device with an internal timer.

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