Samsung SPH M330 - White (Sprint) Cellular Phone Reviews
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Samsung SPH M330 - White (Sprint) Cellular Phone

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Has some redeeming features

Dec 2, 2011
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Pros:Great camera.

Cons:Doesn't work as well as it should for the price.

The Bottom Line: "This cellphone is best for..." I had to choose something.  It's not really good for any of those things.  Kids probably would like it.

This was my first android phone and my first smartphone.

At first I loved it.  It does all kinds of things like getting email and surfing the web, phone calls (of course) and a host of other things that smartphones do.

It has both touchscreen keyboard and a slide-out full keyboard.  For those with fat fingers like me, that slide-out is really nice.

But after that, once I changed to a different phone, I realized that this phone was not really all that good.  I thought that since I was paying next to nothing for service via Virgin Mobile that I should expect mediocre service.

It turns out that the service is just fine.  The phone itself is the problem.  I paid $200 for it so I think it should have been better.

I got a new phone for $50 at one of those doorbuster deals and it's much, much better.


I like the wi-fi and bluetooth capability, but all smartphones have that.  The slide-out keyboard is nice.

The bluetooth and wi-fi work very well.

The camera is fantastic.  Amazingly clear and big photos.  The video quality is pretty good too. 

Games work well and the screen is big and bright.

The voice recognition works very well as does the navigation.


 It's bulky and heavy.

The touch screen is not very responsive. You can touch and touch the screen with no response or the wrong response.  It helps if you heat your finger with your breath.

The phone seems to have some difficulty interfacing with the service provider's network.  I never got many bars but now I do with a different phone.

The phone does not work internationally (except wi-fi and bluetooth) but that's a service provider issue.

The download speed for the browser is very, very slow.

It has trouble working with certain essential apps like gmail (and the OS is google's!).

It can accidentally (?) sync with ALL of your goolge contacts - as in it is can fill up your phone book with people you don't know who may have emailed you once three years ago.

It can delete your email from the server if you're not careful.

It will run all kinds of background apps and run out the battery.  Speaking of which, the battery itself doesn't last even a day - even if you don't use the phone.

It can "forget" to send email and not tell you.  You have to go in and look to make sure it's been sent.

Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): 200
Recommended for: Adventurous Technophiles - Tough and Durable

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