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Aug 30, 2011 (Updated Aug 30, 2011)
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Pros:Keeps food FRESHER longer, has great organization & lots of storage.

Cons:Moody icemaker, flimsy drawer divider in middle drawer.

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for a new refrigerator that packs tons of storage into a small space and keeps food fresh, this fridge is for you.

This is my ode to the new Samsung 4-door refrigerator for small spaces. I love this appliance. We recently remodeled our kitchen, and upgraded from a single-door Kenmore fridge with no bells and whistles to this new Samsung model. I always thought that a fridge is just a fridge. It keeps food cold and that's about it. How wrong I was!

What I wanted:
We have a small space (36" wide) that is up against a wall on the left, but we really wanted a French-door refrigerator. Most FD fridges out there are 35" wide or more, so they are too big. We also have height constraints of about 68.4". That also rules out a lot of models because the typical height of FD fridges is about 68.5"-69". In addition, our old fridge had less than 20 cu. ft. of space, so we wanted to upgrade the cubic footage as well. Surprisingly, there are slim pickings out there for people with the space issues that we have, and apparently our requirements are a tall order! Of the fridges that would fit our space, all were pretty chintzy. The drawers didn't slide smoothly, the shelving and lighting weren't anything to write home about, and the price tags weren't cheap, either.

Icemaker/water on the door wasn't super important to us, but we did want an icemaker, whether internal or external as our Kenmore had neither.

We had all about *settled* on a FD Kenmore, when all of a sudden...a new fridge came on the market when we were ready to buy!

What I got:

Enter the new Samsung RF4267HARS French-door fridge. With a 33" wide footprint, a height that *just* fit our space, and nearly 26 cu. feet of storage, it was a perfect fit for our space and our needs. Even though the left door hits the wall when we open it, it still opens up plenty wide to open the crisper drawer and reach what we need inside. This fridge is truly a work of art, and all the bells and whistles that I never thought were necessary are now a part of my everyday life that I couldn't imagine being without ever again.

Exterior Features:

This Samsung fridge has ice and water on the door, and a touch screen to set the fridge/freezer temperatures, change ice output, turn on/off child lock, and a few other cool settings which I'll get to momentarily. It has French doors on top, a fridge drawer in the middle, and a freezer drawer on the bottom. As someone who is a clean freak and was a nervous wreck the first few weeks of having stainless steel appliances, I have to say that the Samsung stainless is very easy to keep clean, even with 4 handles on the fridge to clean around. I don't have children, but I do have a dog that likes to shake water everywhere, and a husband who likes to leave fingerprints all over the doors! I haven't had a problem with staining or permanent marks left behind from these two offenders. I only have to clean it every other week or so, and it's very quick.

The EZ-glide handles on Samsung fridges are present on this model as well, meaning that you can open the fridge or freezer drawers with one finger if you want to! I didn't think this was important at first, but after comparing it to other fridges I realize that this feature is truly worth having. The drawers never stick. I have a bad back, and have no problem opening the drawers (or the doors for that matter)--no sticking!

Interior Features

The fridge:
Ok, now we get to the good stuff. This fridge is loaded with interior features in its nearly 26 cu. feet of space. First is the LED lighting, which makes finding what you are looking for SO easy as the entire interior lights up evenly. LED's do not generate heat the way that standard incandescent bulbs do in most fridges, which keeps food colder.

The Space-Saver ice maker takes up less room than traditional ice makers in the door, and therefore affords shelving space on the left fridge door. Although they are small shelves, they do fit things like salad dressing, ketchup, and maple syrup bottles. I was actually surprised how much we were able to fit in these little shelves.

The right fridge door offers deeper shelving, including space for a gallon jug and a good dozen or more smaller bottles. We buy half-gallons of milk, so I have that, plus a couple of bottles of wine, plus ketchup, and I think one other bottle that fit comfortably into that one gallon shelf. Two more shelves round out the right door, and plenty of bottles fit in these as well.

The crisper drawers look small at first glace, but they make up for it in depth to the back of the fridge. One of the things I loved about my old Kenmore fridge was the crisper capacity. Even though on the outside the Samsung's drawers look smaller, I can fit the same amount of produce in each as I could in the Kenmore. Sitting between the crisper drawers is the water filter. I haven't had to change this yet, but it looks as easy as twisting out the filter and twisting in a new one. I don't know how much each filter costs, but due to the ease of changing it, I imagine it's worth every penny.

The interior shelves slide out a few inches for ease of reaching items in the back. And my favorite part: two shelves that move in various directionsfor more storage of tall items. One shelf, to the right of the ice maker, flips up to store tall bottles. Another shelf, on the bottom right, slides in and out--in to make room for tall items, out to become an extra shelf for storage. I use it both ways depending on what's being stored at the time. Works great!

The 26 cu. ft. of storage capacity is definitely an upgrade over our old fridge. I can fit so much more food in the Samsung and keep everything much more organized as well.

The middle drawer:
One thing I did miss at first was a deli drawer in the fridge, but I've grown accustomed to putting all our deli items in the middle drawer (a.k.a. the "4th door"). We keep everything in here from cold cuts, cheeses, drinks, bread, hummus, and other go-to items. It's very convenient not having to open the whole fridge just to get the cold cuts. Samsung markets this drawer as a snack drawer for families with children, as the drawer is at a kid-friendly height. I can definitely see this being a convenient feature for families. The drawer has 4 temperature settings, but we tend to leave it at the coldest setting, which is 29 degrees F for meats and cheeses.

The drawer has a divider that can separate the space into 4 compartments, but it slides around easily and doesn't stay locked in place. This is a bit annoying, but once the drawer is filled up, this happens less frequently and it's really not a deal-breaker. I wasn't sure how much I'd really like the drawer, but it's become something that I thoroughly enjoy using on this refrigerator and I don't miss the small deli drawer in the fridge at all.

The freezer:
Now for my favorite part of this appliance: the freezer! I didn't think I could love a freezer so much, but I do! Our old freezer had a terrible drawer that had to be lifted slightly in order to slide out. I threw my back out once doing this! Not so with the Samsung. The EZ-open handle makes opening the freezer a cinch, and the EZ-glide automatic top drawer of the freezer makes getting go-to items simple, as it opens automatically when you open the freezer. This top drawer can store tons of boxed frozen items, including ice trays. While there is not a separate ice maker in the freezer, we do tend to make a few trays and keep them there just in case. Even with these trays in place, there is plenty of storage for food.

The deep divided freezer space on the bottom stores tons of meat and vegetables. We buy our meat in bulk and I still have yet to fill the freezer to capacity. It has a ton of space. Another cool feature is that right behind the exterior handle is a little storage space for items such as frozen lemonade or other small items--very convenient.

I just love how easy it is to find what I'm looking for in the freezer. It's organized and easy to maneuver, which is a huge step up from our old Kenmore.

The best part:
Without a doubt, the best feature of this fridge is the Twin Cooling System. This basically means that the fridge and freezer have separate cooling systems, so that air doesn't travel between the two as it does in all other fridges (this is a standard feature of all Samsung fridges FYI). Fridge items don't end up tasting like freezer items and vice versa. As a result, food stays fresher in the fridge. As a test, I left a bowl of cherries in the fridge uncovered and not in a crisper drawer. They stayed fresh for over 2 weeks!! At that point, I threw them away not because they were spoiled, but because I couldn't look at them anymore! But they were still fresh. Produce stays fresher in the crisper drawers as I've noticed my fruits and veggies lasting much longer than in my old fridge.

Recently, hurricane Irene left us without power for 48 hours. I was sure that we'd lose all the food in our fridge since we don't have a generator. We opened the fridge and freezer doors several times during the two days of no power, and not one single food item was lost (except a pint of ice cream!). We couldn't believe how cold all the food stayed--no meat thawed and the ice cubes even stayed frozen up until the night before the power returned. If that doesn't convey how cold and fresh food stays in this appliance I don't what will! Once the power kicked on the fridge and freezer were back to normal temps within an hour.

Which brings me to one more very cool setting on this appliance. There are "Power Cool" and "Power Freeze" features that basically super chill whatever is in your fridge, freezer, or both. I ran this twice the day before we were expected to lose power, and I suspect that is what kept everything from spoiling. It's a really nice feature to use in a pinch if you need it.

As for negatives, there really aren't any. I've seen some reviews that complain about the ice maker noise as it drops ice. This is my first fridge with an ice maker, so I can't attest to it's noise factor as compared with other fridges, but I have noticed that it doesn't drop ice in the morning when we are getting ready for work or at night when we return. So Saturdays are really the only times I hear it during the day, and I haven't noticed it being excessively loud. We have a skittish dog that doesn't seem to be bothered by it either. The fridge itself runs quietly with no loud humming or buzzing.

Sometimes the ice maker can be a bit moody. If I set it for cubed ice some of it can come out crushed at times, but it's not terrible and doesn't really bother me.

There is a Energy Saver feature that I used in the summer for a day or so. It caused condensation on the doors, which the manual said can happen when using the Energy Saver. I turned it off per the manual's instructions and the condensation disappeared. My guess is that it's better to use this feature during the cooler months than the hot summer! I don't suspect it will be a problem this fall.

Beyond that, it's really just that divider that doesn't stay put in the fridge drawer that I would consider a negative, but it's not a strong negative.

I absolutely recommend this fridge with no reservations. It's a quality appliance that is worth every penny. In fact, friends of ours bought the fridge sight unseen because they knew how much we love it! It will save money in the long run because food lasts longer, especially in the event of a power outage.

I can't say enough good things about this refrigerator, and I hope that others enjoy it as much as we do!

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