Samsung 5003 Series UN22D5003 22" 1080p HD LED LCD Television Reviews

Samsung 5003 Series UN22D5003 22" 1080p HD LED LCD Television

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Samsung LCD TV

Oct 23, 2011
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Pros:Excellent picture quality
Slim profile
Competitive price
LED backlight saves electricity and is long lasting

Cons:Note: This particular monitor doesn't have an input for the old school computer monitor

The Bottom Line: The picture quality is excellent, price competitive, and the LED backlight is energy efficient, and lasts longer than those without LED technology.

This 22" Samsung LCD TV is one of the latest offerings from Samsung.  This high definition television is incredibly and takes only a few minutes to set up.  This Samsung was purchased as the primary television in the house, and the picture is quality, contrast, and brightness are incredible. 

The screen is a matte finish, which is excellent for a bright room.  We live in Florida, near the bay, which is very humid, and also very bright conditions, and the Samsung's picture is crisp and easy to view, causing no eyestrain whatsoever on the high brightness setting.

This Samsung television being the latest generation of HDTV, it has the latest backlight technology.  All liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions have a backlight, or light source behind the screen, but not all use the same backlight technology. 

Earlier backlights were compact fluorescent backlights, which are not a energy efficient as this Samsung's Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.) backlight.  Moreover, this Samsung LED backlight is brighter, longer lasting, and more energy efficient than previous designs, and the backlights of some competitior's LCD screens.

The front panel is "piano black," which is a glossy black, and looks quite upscale.  The new LED technology also allows for a slimmer TV profile, the thickness of this LED backlit TV is about half that of a comparable compact fluorescent backlit screen.  This profile might be of concern for wall mount situations, or in any case where one might be concerned with the overall depth of the unit.

The settings (options) available are numerous, but the most useful is the energy saver setting, which can be used to dim the backlight to save on electricity.  The dimmer function is also practical, as excessive brightness can cause eyestrain in rooms with lower levels of ambient light. 

The multiple sound options might be useful or helpful for some: they allow for certain characteristics of the sound to shine through, which might be useful for certain rooms, or those with hearing loss involving higher frequencies, etc.  The speakers are more than adequate, but worth mentioning is that they fire toward the back of the television set.

One final note is that the newer HDTV sets have a rather strange aspect ratio as compared to the old school cathode ray tube (CRT) television sets.  Fortunately, there are settings which the user can use in order to find a nice compromise between fitting everything on the screen, and still utilizing the entire screen (i.e. no black areas around the edges).  Fortunately, the newer movies and TV channels are churning out the newer media to optimize the new format, so this should be less of a concern in the future.

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