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Nov 2, 2011
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Pros:This is an efficient and quiet high-capacity machine - what's not to like!

Cons:The price of Samsung could be lower...

The Bottom Line: This washer is expensive, but efficient, versatile and quiet

I have to admit we didn't buy this washer - it was waiting for us in the new condo we rented. But coming from your average New York apartment with communal laundry facilities in the basement, I find it really amazing.

Let me explain: the top-loaders we had in the laundry room had a single 28-minute cycle with a selection of hot, warm or cold water - that's it! My Samsung gives me 12 cycles instead, ranging from delicates to heavy-duty. All you need to do is load your dirties in this large-capacity (4.3 cu ft) washer, dial the cycle (yes, it has a dial), press a button for the water temperature, put in your detergent - and voila, an hour (or more) later, you have your clean load.

I find the fact that the washing time is so long really exciting. Just think of it: even without all the bells and whistles, it you whoosh your whites, for example, in hot water for an hour or so, they are bound to get much cleaner. But in the case of this machine, they are not just whooshed, but moved around in a stainless "Diamond Drum", which has little indentations to rub the dirt away.

As for the delicates, I have never been able to wash my woolens in a washer before - they all came out looking like doll clothes, no matter what. Now, for the first time in my life, I put in my woolen sweaters - and get them out clean, but undamaged in the end. Wow!

In short, I do recommend this washer. It's really nice that its technical specifications speak about the above-mentioned Diamond Drum and vibration reducing technology, but what I really care about is convenience and quality wash. And this is what I am getting.

And speaking about large capacity: so far, I have washed my comforters, mattress pads and even pillows in this washer. And everything fits in.

On the negative side, the price of Samsung WF410ANW is pretty high. But I feel it makes sense to invest in a high-quality efficient machine in the long run. Right now, I am saving money on dry-cleaners, I think.

Oh, and being able to put the drier on top of the washer, you will save space with this front-loader. I did see more compact and equally efficient models in Europe (where top-loading technology has been standard for a long time now), but I don't think they had the same high capacity.

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