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Samsung BD-F7500 3D Blu-Ray Player

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Blu-ray player and much more

Aug 23, 2013
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Pros:Aesthetically pleasing, very modern & responsive interface, supports many streaming providers & multimedia formats


The Bottom Line: The high price gets you an unmatched user interface and great features. Even if you don't play many discs, this player has a lot to offer.

I wasn't playing many games on my PS3 and was getting annoyed at the loud fans while playing movies, so I sold it and bought the Samsung BD-F7500.

Aesthetics are of course very subjective, but I think the F7500 looks sleek and high-tech. The gloss black front is almost completely featureless since there are no physical buttons or logos/emblems. For a bit of visual interest, there's a brushed metal piece across the top and sides with a single "3D" logo. It should match almost any other components you have, and any TV set. It's fairly low-profile too, so it can be easily stacked on top of other devices (unfortunately it's not flat on top and not very deep so don't plan to stack other things on top of it).

The connections are self-explanatory. You get two HDMI ports, though most people will only need one. There are no other video outputs, but you do get optical audio output as well as a 7.1 analog out. Supposedly the 7.1 output is excellent due to the quad Texas Instruments PCM5101 chips, but I can't confirm that. The only other port is a lone 10/100 Ethernet port. 

Other specifications worth highlighting include a dual-core CPU. This is quite noticeable in player boot time, disc read time, and overall responsiveness of the on-screen interface. The only other player at the store that could match the performance was Sony's flagship BDP-S790. The player also has built-in WiFi, 1080p and 4k upscaling, and some advanced audio adjustment features (for the 7.1 output). It's also worth noting that the player supports multiple color spaces and Deep Color, and doesn't hide this stuff in a secret menu. There's also 24p output and 24p conversion for DVDs, though I found it to be problematic for DVDs.

This is a 3D-compatible player and it does have options for 3D conversion. I can't comment on the 3D features since my TV doesn't support it, and I find it to be a gimmick anyways.

Of course people will want to know about the remote. It's standard Samsung-fare here. Sony is still the top remote control maker, but I think this one works fine. The button presses are not abnormally long or overly-squishy, aiding in the overall responsiveness of the player.

What sold me on this player was the incredible user interface. Although Sony has the XMB interface that mimicks the PS3, it's low-resolution and unresponsive. Everything else is even further behind the Sony when it comes to the interface, including Oppo and Denon. Samsung's SMART interface is modern, intuitive, and responsive. The learning curve is almost zero; some would argue it's a bit simplistic, but it's the simplicity that makes it such a joy to use. Nothing is buried in submenu after submenu, and the configuration is idiot-proof.

The SMART interface gives you access to dozens of streaming providers like Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Pandora, and Hulu. It also has content from a bunch of providers I had never heard of. Unfortunately, no HBO Go (no one has it, to be fair). There are some other miscellaneous apps and games, such as weather, a fake fireplace, and crosswords, but I never tried them out. Each provider has their own unique interface but all of them are just as responsive as the Samsung main menus. Netflix, for example, supports full 1080p video output and Dolby Digital Plus audio.

Also in the SMART interface is the ability to play back media content over UPnP, DLNA, and the USB port. The codec support is pretty good, in my opinion -- on par with my PS3. I have been able to play 1080p video files in a variety of containers & codecs straight from a USB fash drive. I haven't tested the UPnP and DLNA support, but it does have PLEX which is supposedly fool-proof.

I've been pleased with the player's compatibility with the latest Blu-ray discs. I have yet to find a new release (or very old one) that won't play. There are certainly horror stories about some players refusing to play certain discs, but the BD-F7500 does not suffer from that problem. This player does have BD-Live which can slow down disc startup times, so I recommend disabling it unless you really want those features. Hint: they're rarely worthwhile.

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