Sanyo ECJ-F50S 5-Cup Rice Cooker

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Definitely one of my favorite kitchen purchases

Aug 29, 2009
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Pros:Easy to understand cooking buttons. Titanium-coated for extremely easy clean-up and durability. Price is fabulous.

Cons:No holder for your rice scooper.

The Bottom Line: For the clean-up and the features -- best bang for your buck!

Being Korean, a rice cooker is a standard appliance in the kitchen, and I was not prepared to go with just a name-brand model like Zojirushi just because it's popular. I wanted one that would last, would cook well, and would clean up in a flash. I'm happy to report that I found it!

I've owned the Sanyo Fuzzy Logic for about 2.75 years now, and to date, it's still the best model I've found compared to the various rice cookers that friends and family members have bought. I mean, I was hesitant when I was the "Sanyo" brand. I mean, I relate Sanyo with those really cheap radio clocks from a couple decades ago. I couldn't believe that it could stand up to the other more standard Japanese models. But don't be fooled. This is a solid model... particularly for the price.

The two best features are clearly (1) the very simple and intuitive buttons on the front, and (2) the easy clean-up.

You almost don't need the instructions to figure out how to work the buttons. They are labelled appropriately, and after about 1-minute of fiddling around with it, you'll know exactly how it works.

The clean up -- it's a breeze! I don't concern myself having the scrub the tub clean -- not even a little bit. The rice just slips right off -- whether hot or cold. It's quite remarkable. The titanium-coating really works. (Note that my mother just bought the most recent model in black, and it doesn't clean up as nicely as this one.) The rice pot itself is a little heavier than others which tells me a lot about its durability. Over the last 2.75 years, I've had rice in the pot almost constantly (several hundred cleanups), and because I never had to scrub it, the rice pot still looks like it's new. You can't even tell that I use it!

If you know how rice cookers are used, you know that the measurements go with the rice measuring cup that is included. Like any standard rice cooker, you add water to the rice to the level that it indicates inside the pot. This has several measuring limits depending on the setting you are using. As follows:

The standard cooking option is the white rinse-free setting. After washing the white rice (and I put a bean mixture in it for some extra protein), the rice is ready in a short 15-20 minutes.

The second most used setting for me is the brown rice. I love this setting because it includes the soaking time as well. After all, brown rice should ALWAYS be cooked and eaten with the husk slightly broken (the reason for soaking it first), in order to ensure effective digestion of the nutrients. This setting gives me brown rice that is clearly cooked enough that the husk is broken, but not mushy. I LOVE it!

I tried the porridge setting when I had the flu and wanted to some congee (we call is "juk" in korean). I found that it was too thick and more like "rice pate." I then tried adding two-to-three times the amount of water that it askes for, and it was perfect. And for a little twist, add a chicken breast with some ginger or garlic and a little salt (and you can even try replacing the water with chicken broth). You'll get the tastiest congee ever with almost no effort at all!  Yum!

I can tell that this was made for Koreans because of the "Dol Sot Bibimbap" setting -- which is basically a korean dish where the rice is toasted on the bottom. I haven't tried it yet, but I look forward to it.

There are a couple of other settings I haven't tried. The quick steam setting is meant to be used with the steamer platform that it comes with. If I try it, I'll update this listing.

The slow cook setting is meant for your typical "crock pot" recipes but is a smaller amount (which is great for a small household like mine.)

And all of these settings come with the option to put it on a timer so that your rice is cooked and ready for you when you get home (great for me since I tend to stay at the office late and am famished by the time I come through the front door!)

The one down-side is that it while it does come with a rice scooper, it doesn't come with a holder which most rice cookers have. I had to go out and buy one with a suction cup and attach it to the unit. Works fine now. :)

The bonus is that the price is VERY reasonable for the number of uses that you get out of it. The quality of the product is worth the entire $100 that you would other purchase for other models that are typically replaced in 3-5 years and coated with the toxic "teflon." Look at any rice cooker with teflon coating after about 3 years, and you'll see that there's scratches and tears in the teflon, suggesting you're probably ingesting it with the rice. This Sanyo? Still just like new after almost 3 years! And that's coming from someone who has grown up with a rice cooker all 40 years of my life. It's hard to believe how durable it is after the constant use it's been subjected to.

I am absolutely thrilled with this rice cooker and insist that my friends consider it when they are looking to replace their rice cooker yet again after 5 years.

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