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Sennheiser HD 201 Black Headband Headsets

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Sennheiser HD201 Headphones have lively sound

Jan 6, 2009
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Pros:Good sound quality, comfortable to wear while using, two plugs fit any sound source

Cons:Large, not too comfortable (and dumb looking) when placed around neck

The Bottom Line: For decent sound quality at a budget price, you'll like the Sennheiser HD201 Headphones.

I walk for exercise and when I do, I normally take a headphone equipped FM radio. These radios come with wimpy little headphones whose earpieces are foam covered. The sound is never very good. The foam eventually wears out and then you have hard plastic disks right on your ears. That doesn't fee good.

So when I discovered I could get a pair of Sennheiser HD201 Headphones with my Pepsi Stuff points, I ordered them. These are real headphones with big ear covering black cups. While they are much larger and heavier than the headphones I have used before, I find them quite comfortable.

Known for sound quality

But the most important part is the quality of the sound reproduction and here Sennheiser shines. Back when I was in college, my audiophile friends bought Sennheisers exclusively and always raved about how good they were

For an inexpensive headset, the sound quality of the Sennheiser HD201 Headphones is exceptional. Stereo music broadcasts are heard not as separate sounds originating in each ear but rather merging into one middle of the back of the head experience. I can't say it's exactly like being in a concert hall, as I am careful to keep the volume low enough to avoid hearing damage, but everything is quite clear and understandable.

Remember that I am using a low quality input source - a tiny FM battery powered portable radio and still getting great sound. These headphones are designed for use with a real stereo system. They have a very long cord so the user can sit many feet from where they are plugged in (I keep the cord folded and secured with a twist tie to avoid tangling). In addition to the mini-plug needed for use with small radios, the headphones come with a larger plug appropriate for stereo receivers.

Built-in comfort

The large size of the earcups has another benefit on cold days. They serve as earmuffs, keeping my ears warm without having to use a hat or hood.

The earcups have foam pads encircling the edges. These pads are covered with nylon fabric, which should keep them from wearing out. There is also a nylon covered foam pad in the middle of the band connecting the cups for further comfort. This band adjusts to the size of the wearer's head. The earcups are labelled "left" and "right" so the user gets the benefit of stereo broadcasts as they were intended.

The only disadvantage of the Sennheiser SD201 Headphones compared to the tiny set I used before comes when I enter a store and take them off. I put my headphones around the back of my neck at such times (it's rude to talk to store clerks while hooked up to music). And here these headphones' large size is a bit overwhelming. There is no way to hook them onto a belt or I might try that.

But what headphones are about is listening to music. At that, the Sennheiser SD201 excels. For the price of roughly $20, this is a deal. Someone looking for top end performance would not choose these, but for much better than entry level quality at a low price, I recommend them.

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