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Sennheiser HD 202 Headband Headphones - Black

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Sound Quality for $20?

Jun 12, 2007
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Pros:Long cord, SOUND QUALITY, Comfort, PRICE

Cons:Just a tad on the flimsy side. NO cushion between ears and drivers. (very minor)

The Bottom Line: This is the best $20 you will spend in the market of headphones in any type besides the athletic. I guarantee you will not experience buyer's remorse. BUY THEM!

Sound Quality for $20?

Most would say no, but for the average consumer, I'd say yes. I bought these headphones for a number of reasons. First, my stock ipod headphones broke, and I wanted a pair with better sound quality and more comfort than the stock buds. Second, I got a new guitar amp, which would be extremely loud even at low volumes for practice, so I needed some headphones to use to play guitar through. Also, I've started an (extremely) informal recording "studio" in my bedroom, and the thrift store computer speakers weren't really cutting it, so I needed a cheap headphone monitor if you will.

So when I was ordering stuff for my guitar, I decided I'd go with these sennheisers because my dad had a good experience with sennheiser in the past.

The first thing I noticed when I held these was that 1: they were light, and 2: the cord was extremely long. Now the long cord is pretty convenient for me when I'm walking around my room trying to get stuff together, but for walking while listening to music on my ipod, a 9 foot cable isn't exactly what I need. A small little cable holding device is included with these headphones, which can "lock" the cable into place, which is really convenient, although I doubt that it's how it's supposed to work. The device itself is still larger than my ipod, but thats not sennheisers fault, as these headphones weren't designed for athletic music listening.

I said these headphones were light, which is pretty good, but may make them less durable, but I'm pretty easy on them so I wouldn't know. These headphones are pretty comfortable, but there really isn't any cushion between one's ears and the drivers, so wearing them for more time than, say, it takes to listen to an album, might get uncomfortable. These also seem to be a little flimsy so when I adjust them there is an ever-so-slight feeling of "it's going to break!" I emphasize, however, that this is a very slight feeling and these overall feel pretty durable.

I haven't really used too many different types of headphones and speakers before, so I don't have too broad of a comparison base to compare these too. I've used some of my dad's sennheisers, both noise canceling and not, I've also used some grado labs, and some of the other headphones in this price range, mostly I've just used ipod headphones and cheap speakers from the thrift store. To me these compare nicely to my dad's more expensive sennheiser headphones, and pretty much equal to the grado labs headphones, of course blowing everything else in this price range out of the water, and all of the thrift store headphones. The bass response is great, tabbing bass is much easier, especially after some eq adjustments, the sound quality is overall epic, I've found parts from music I've listened to that I didn't even know existed. These headphones keep sounding great when cranked, even though you don't need to because it cancels out a fair amount of noise, so you can listen to music at lower volumes, and save battery life.

For my type of recording, it's great for hearing all the details, and playback and editing etc. It also makes all of my games much more intense, and movies seem like I'm at a theater. This also comes with a cute little adapter do convert the regular stereo plug into a 1/4" plug. The guitar doesn't sound too well, but thats because my guitar amp cancels out the tubes for the headphone output. (so you don't blow you're ears out I guess) Overall I'm extremely impressed with the boomin' sound quality of these headphones.

I hope I've covered everything, if you have any questions, please comment, or email me.

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