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Sennheiser HD 202 Headband Headphones - Black

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Oct 31, 2012
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Pros:Good quality, feels comfortable

Cons:Size, which is normal for headphones like this

The Bottom Line: Defiitely worth the price

I got these as a gift a while ago.  I had gone without earphones for a while and my parents realized how much I didn’t like this.  I would have bought my own, but I don’t like ear buds and if I’m going to buy headphones, I’m going to get the ones with the cushions that cover the entire ear.  These usually cost upwards of $20, which I didn’t really have to spend at the time.

One of the problems I have with ear buds is that the quality generally isn’t that good.  I don’t want background noise and I want to have some level of fidelity.  (The other issue is that they hurt my ears.)  These headphones block out most of the background noise and have good sound quality.  They also don’t hurt, which is one of the advantages of the cushions.

If you’re upgrading from the ear buds you got with your MP3 player, you’re going to notice a huge difference.  I’ve always found ear buds to have a very tinny sound.  The sound on these is very clear.  It sounds like I’m actually listening to someone speak or play the piano.  I shouldn’t have to settle for audiotape quality on an MP3 file that I downloaded from iTunes.

It took me a while to get the width just right.  It felt a little awkward the first few days.  It does occasionally become uncomfortable once in a while.  I’m not sure if this is from putting the headphones down or if I just got used to it initially.  Even at the widest setting, though, the headphones seem just a little tight.  It’s not enough of  a problem for me to worry about.  (For anyone worried about this, I do have a rather large head that makes buying hats difficult.)

The lanyard is long when it’s not tangled up.  It’s long enough that I could have the headphones on my head and have my iPod laying down on the floor with lanyard to spare.  From what I‘ve seen, the cable is 10 feet.  It seems to compresses to three feet, though.  This is a problem, since it does tangle more than I’d like.  To make matters worse, it tends to tangle right where the cables split to go to the individual speakers.  This means that half the time, I’m pulling at the lanyard to keep it from touching my neck and chin. I’ve even had to stop the music once or twice to untangle it.

There’s no sound adjustor on the lanyard.  I bring this up because I had that on a set of headphones.  I came to realize that the option was pretty much useless.  My iPod has an external sound adjustor, so even if I have it locked, I can change the volume quickly.  I don’t see any need to have this on my headphones.

Overall, the headphones are generally comfortable, even if they are a little obvious.  The only main problem I’ve had with headphones this size is the size.  I’d bring them to work with me, but they’re so big and tend to drown out so much background noise that I’m probably better off without music.  They’re also difficult to hide under a car seat if you’re a passenger.  Even putting them in the glove compartment may be an issue.

I’ve had the headphones for about a year now and they’re showing no sign of slowing down.  If you need the quality without a huge price tag, this model is a good choice.  I’d say that unless you’re doing something professional, like mixing music, you’re probably not going to need higher sound quality for everyday use.  I’d definitely look for this brand again.

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