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Sennheiser HD 202 Headband Headphones - Black

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Sennheiser HD 202 - Can cheap and old be gold?

Jun 13, 2013 (Updated Jun 17, 2013)
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Pros:10 foot cord, Decent sounds.

Cons:Slightly uncomfortable during long wear

The Bottom Line: At $20-30 price range this might be the best you can get.

Iv been using the Sennheiser HD 202 headphones for about 3 years now without bothering to write a review. Having used it almost daily Im about prepared to share my take on it. 

Sennheiser released 2 headphones titled Sennheiser HD 202...the initial version and HD 202 MK II. The difference...packaging. Nothing to do with the headphones itself. Some may think the release of a 2nd version is due to a faulty 1st version but its not the case. 

The Sennheiser HD 202 in a nutshell is a closed, dynamic, circumaural stereo headphones. For anyone unaware of these terms closed means the headphones cuts out outside noise to a minimum by isolating noise. Although not classified as noise cancellation, the closed headphones still manages to cut out a lot of background noise. Dynamic means in simple terms a less expensive technology compared to electrostatic which use a metal coil to create an electromagnetic field which interacts with the diaphragm and in turn, moves it. 

The headband is a solid plastic construction with thinly covered padding in the interior. 
Here's a con - The interior leatherette padding cover on the headband peels away fast leaving only the padding sponge. The thin leatherette padding cover is almost non existent in my headphones now. With time you would need to clean this padding/sponge as loose hair tends to get embedded in it. 

The headband itself is lightly flexible and has a snug fit on my head. I would say I have a small sized head and doubt how this would fit in a bigger head as it seems pretty snug on me.
Another con - After 2hrs of continued usage the snug fit hurts my ears. I tend to give a 2 minute rest when the outside of my ears start hurting. This is mainly because of the tight fit since the earcups are quite well padded.
Also due to the tight fit its difficult to slip on my reading glasses whilst the headphone is on. I have to first put on the reading glasses and then put on the headphones. 

The earcups which are the key parts of the headphones are adjustable by sliding on the sides of the head band. I believe the range to adjust is pretty adequate to fit any head size. 

The earcups are advertised as DJ friendly and removable. Not sure what kind of DJ would use these as headphones as the earcups on this don't swivel around and hence not DJ friendly. In my few years of using the headphones I have not dared to remove the earcups fearing it would snap out and get broken. Tried to pull the earcups up and down and sideways to see if it would pop out but they did not. Guess I don't know the way to remove these. 

The padding and the flimsy leatherette padding cover on the earcups have lo and behold stayed intact without wearing off like the ones in the headband. Possibly the reason for the headband padding cover to peel away is due to me time and again wearing the headphones on a just showered damp hair. That's my judgement. 

And whats more the leatherette ear pads are replaceable says the manufacturer. Replacement ear pads cost $10-12 on manufacturer or Amazon websites. 

The main device I use this pair of headphones is my laptop to watch movies. Whilst I concede to not being the most technical person to comment on impedance, frequency response or distortion of headphones, generally the sound is well received with good bass, trebles and does well at peak and low sound levels. Even at the highest volume set in the laptop and media player the sound does not hurt the ears.

Watching a DVD movie the voice, soundtrack and surround sounds may not give the best crispy clarity over the headphones that you might get off a Blu Ray + Home Theatre system. However it wouldnt bother me much tho. Unfortunately my laptop doesnt come with a blu ray drive in order to test if better sound quality would make any difference. 

High quality CD and itunes music come off very well whilst FLAC music files sound excellent which makes me wonder if music could sound any better over any other headphone. 

With regular CD quality music probably sound quality can be better judged when listening to accoustic music or string instrumentals. The sound does not feel natural enough or subtle enough to differentiate between all the instruments and has more of an in-room all instruments-come-together sound effect. This can be offset to an extent using appropriate equalizer and DFX settings however anyone who have used better professional headphones would easily pick a few qualms about the quality of sound from these ($20 deal price) headphones. 
The Y style wire cord has a 15 inch length in the V before merging to extend another 100 inches (total 3 meters or 10 feet). The length is absolutely super and the wire doesn't get into any ugly tangles. Sure it would tangle due to its length but easily separate-able. It ends with a 3.5 inch standard non gold plated plug. The package also includes a larger 6.3 inch plug. Also bundled in the package is a cord take up clip which you can use to wrap around and shorten the cord length according to your liking. 

To sum up the review except for minor comfort issues while using the Sennheiser HD 202 headphones for long periods of time otherwise it delivers excellent sounds to an average user.

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