Sennheiser RS 110 Headband Wireless Headphones - Black/White Reviews
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Sennheiser RS 110 Headband Wireless Headphones - Black/White

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Good sound, Freedom but some flutter

Apr 14, 2007
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Pros:Pretty good sound (bass/highs), good range, no more wires!

Cons:price, 900 Mhz interference, no holder for headset, bulky

The Bottom Line: Fairly good sound for a base model wireless headset. Remember you pay a premium for wireless and Sennheiser but worth it.

Just bought this for $99 Cdn. Didn’t opt for the refurbished ones at Tiger Direct which were almost 1/2 price.

The unit has a transmitter that plugs into the wall for power and another line that plugs into the audio in or 3.5” plug or 5” plug or your stereo/tv/mp3player etc…

You twist the earcushion on one side of the headphone to put the 2 AAA batteries in the headphone. The headphones are wide fitting so if you have a skinny head it may fall off more easily. For me it’s fine. I’m worrying that they may snap if you tug it too much as it’s pretty plasticy construction. They tend to stretch a bit too. The headsets are a bit heavy but you get use to it. I’m sure you will be very hot wearing them in the summer but they should keep your ears warm in the winter. There are 2 dials on the right side. Lower is the fine tuning and right above is the volume. As other mentioned on other reviews, you often use the wrong one so you think you are adjusting the volume but really fine tuning. This is a bit irritating if you start hearing scretching noises when you think you are adjusting the volume. What I found funny was I could tune into neighbours telephone and listen to them. This is scary as I don’t think anyone would want anyone to hear private converstions. But if you're bored you might here some juicy gossip!!!

The sound was nice and clear – good bass and good highs. Not the best but definitely better than earbuds/phone and defintitly better than cheaper brands. Remember with headphones/speakers etc…… you get what you pay for. You do pay a premium for Seinheisser but it’s worth it. Remember you also pay a premium for wireless so. So that's a double whammy for these but I guess it's worth it if you want to go wireless.

I tested going outside from my house. Range is ok but still breaks up I guess because of all the interference.

A few items that I didn’t expect was how loud it was for others to hear. It’s a pretty open enclosures so you do get quite a bit of sound leaking out. So it may still bother others in the room.

The other problem I had was interference. I have x2 900 Mhz phones, x2 2.4 GHz phones, and x2 900Mhz remote extenders for my satelitte. I do here flutter when moving around sometime but I guess it's tolerable or expected. Sometimes changing channels helps or fine tuning or just turning your head a bit.

There's no where to place headsets like the rechargeable model so it just sits around. They should have designed a rack similar to the rechargeable model.

Didn't opt for the rechargeable as it's almost 1.5x the price. I guess buying rechargeables AAAs are a cheaper route. If the price is marginal it might be better to buy the RS126 model vs the RS 116(RS110) model

Overall, a good set. Not sure when the 2.4 GHz headphones are coming out but I'm sure they will be much more in price. Don't go cheap and buy no name NexxTech. Sony I read are cheaper but have bad reception. Therefore I'm happy with my latest gadget.

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