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Sennheiser RS 110 Headband Wireless Headphones - Black/White

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Solid Wireless Headphones for Casual Use

May 4, 2007 (Updated May 4, 2007)
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Pros:Surprisingly comfortable to wear; no listening fatigue; solid design and good range.

Cons:Headphones can slip off; sound quality only decent; occasional interference; no holder.

The Bottom Line: A solid choice for the budget-conscious consumer looking for a wireless option when watching TV or basic audio listening (like NPR).

[ history ]
I have owned these headphones since Christmas 2006. I purchased them refurbished for under $50 from Tigerdirect.

[ getting started ]
Setup was easy. Pretty much plug and play. There is two-prong “block” electrical outlet plug and an audio-in plug (3.5 mm or 1/4”) for your audio device (stereo, iPod, et. Al). I have it hooked into a mid-range ONKYO home stereo. When the unit is plugged in and the audio device is on (i.e., there is a signal), you see a small green light on the headphone transmitter.

To put batteries in the headphones themselves you twist off the ear cushion on one of the sides. I usually pick the wrong side but that is not a real issue. There are two-sockets for a set of AAA batteries.

[ performance ]
USE: I mainly use it for watching TV shows, particularly later at night or when the nearby heater/air conditioner is on (so I do not have to play the stereo as loud).

SOUND: The sound from the headphones is solid with a good tonal range from low to high. Neither is overemphasized and I have never encountered listening fatigue (as I have with a lot of other headphones).

CONTROLS: Essentially the headphones have three controls: on/off; signal tuning; and volume. You will first need to “tune” the transmission signal using a small rotary dial on the right side of the phones (which is easy to do). It is next to the volume dial so you need to be careful. On the left side there is a simple on/off switch.
Note: I have taken the headphones off without turning them off only to drain the batteries a few times (not really a big issue for rechargeable batteries, but worth noting).

RANGE: I am able to walk outside my current residence and go a decent distance (50ft) although you can hear a small change in signal quality and occasionally get interference.

BATTERY USAGE: I do use my own rechargeable batteries with it. Over the last few weeks I have noticed the batteries seem to go more quickly, but that is probably an issue with the batteries (or the time between charges).

[ design ]
The headphones are a bit heavy but that is not noticeable when you are in a normal sitting position. When I move around to do chores (like dishes), if I bend over too much the headphones can come off. Apparently it is the weight of them. Good ole’ gravity! I will take the occasional “fall off” over having them too tight, but something you should be aware of. They have fallen a few times; it has not damaged them but I suspect if they hit a hard surface from the right height it might.

[ final comments & upgrades ]
When I want to really listen to music, I use my other pair of Sennheiser's which I reviewed before -- years ago -- and still use! But for casual TV watching or audio listening (like radio talkshows or NPR), these are a solid option.

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