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Sennheiser RS 110 Headband Wireless Headphones - Black/White

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Sennheiser R110s are junk! Don't even take them as a free gift!

Jun 12, 2010 (Updated Jun 14, 2010)
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Pros:If you're short on aggravation, these are perfect for you! Otherwise, I've got nothing.

Cons:They don't work for very long.

The Bottom Line: The bottom line doesn't trust Sennheiser, Amazon or Ace Photo Digital, and maybe you shouldn't either.

After reading lots of reviews on Epinions and, I decided on these Sennheiser Wireless RS 110s and purchased them from one of Amazon's Marketplace Sellers, Ace Photo Digital. (I may write a separate review of that crummy experience.)

I guess I'll explain about the setup.  (Later in my review, you will probably find that you will never want these headphones so you won't care about this information, but for the sake of explanation, I will go ahead.) Everything you need to set these up was included in the box.  To be specific, it contained the headphones themselves, instructions, a pair of AAA batteries, a receiver, connections and a power supply cord.   They connect to your source, which might be a computer, stereo or TV (which was why I purchased them).  The receiver is about 4 inches, so fairly unobtrusive.  Once you plug that into the source, and plug in the power, it is a matter of tuning it, which is done by a small tuning wheel on the side of the headphone.  There were some options on the receiver itself, but I was able to find fair signal fairly easily.  There is also a volume wheel on the headphones, although it is not particularly sensitive. The sound quality is fair, although a buzz is heard when you are not tuned onto a channel (on the TV).  I am not sure how it works with other sources because it did not function long enough for me to test other things.  I mentioned batteries, and this is one other thing to consider when researching wireless headphones.  Some come with a dock but these are reliant on batteries only.  I should have been specific when I mentioned earlier that the box included everything you need.  It did not include a reliable set of headphones. I could go into detail about specifications, signal to noise ratio, sound quality, and comfort, but there really is no reason to do that, unless you really want to spend $50 on headphones that only last 1 month (or 3 days).  

I'll explain.

I had no problem initially (although the comfort and sound quality were okay, but neither were excellent). But then, just about 1 month after I had gotten them, while I was using them to watch TV, it sounded like I was losing the signal. I tried to tune them, but then couldn't get any sound. I thought that was pretty soon for batteries to wear down, but tried replacing the batteries.  They still did not work. It was then that I noticed that they were emitting  a chemical, sort of vinegar-y smell on one side.  I prefer my headphones to be functional and non-toxic.  These were neither.  Nor were they ever able to work again.

I contacted Amazon (not that it was easy to do that) but was told that there was no recourse because I bought it from a Marketplace Seller. (I am not planning on buying any more electronics from Amazon unless, of course, I have nothing to do some weekend and feel like reading through all of the fine print on their website.)

So, then, I contacted the seller but they do not replace or refund headphones, period.  (They were not particularly customer-oriented when they explained this to me.)  They suggested I contact the manufacturer (Sennheiser), and there, I was initially told that they had no way of knowing I'd even purchased them (or that they "weren't stolen").

Finally I reached a reasonable person there, who initially said I'd have to give my credit card number (to be charged, and later reimbursed) and she'd send me a new pair. I decided not to do this and first just told her I was going to think of it as "a life lesson". But she decided to send them to me anyway (with the plan that I'd send the faulty pair later--which I did). I should say that she was consistently cordial and even sent me a UPS label to use to return them.

The second (replacement) pair worked for precisely 3 days when one side went out. No sound at all. I did not even want to deal with them as they now had a bad track record. Two strikes was enough for me. 

So, that is my saga. Needless to say, I would not recommend these. (I guess I just said it anyway.) I wouldn't even donate them (although I wish I had donated the $50 to my favorite charity, instead).

They are in the trash and I am back to researching another brand and a different seller. 

(I know these are not the most expensive headphones in the world, but $50 is $50. So if you are tempted to leave a comment that I shouldn't expect Bose quality, I didn't. I might have expected lesser quality, but I still thought speakers from an established company would work for more than a month.)

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