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Shrek (DVD, 2009, P&S; B.O.B. Packaging)

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Shrek Provides Geared More Towards Adults Than Children

Dec 6, 2001
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Pros:Witty humor, slight twist in story, characters

Cons:marketed like a kid's movie, but was really more for adults.

The Bottom Line: Good fun movie to watch, but some of it wasnt appropriate for little kids.

Shrek has to be one of the most bizarre computer animated movies I have seen so far. Even though the story is like a typical fairytale, the cast of characters was kinda strange to me. For example, you have Shrek, the ogre, then the donkey, the princess, and other critters all over the place.

However, the movie's typical fairytale nature had a slight twist to it, which I will not give away in this opinion. The lines of the characters were pretty witty, and had a good blend of mature humor as well as silly, immature humor. Despite some kiddy humor, I believe the movie is more for adults than kids, mainly to some "sexual" references. Other honorable mention goes to the quality of the animation and the music played in the movie from the soundtrack.

The story is briefly about an ogre (Shrek) who wants his own space in the swamp. Although not a bad guy, he likes to scare people away solely to have privacy, despite hiding some things deep down in his feelings. He meets up with a donkey, and all of a sudden he finds alot of different fairy tale folks in his swamp. Wanting to put a stop to this, he finds out the leader of the town close to him had banished them, and they had no where else to go. So, Shrek makes a deal with the leader. He is to find a princess, rescue her, and bring her back to him, and in return he gets his privacy. But, Shrek rescues the princess and things get a little more complicated...end of story :)

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