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SkullCandy Chops: One of The Worse SkullCandy Products I've Ever Owned

Dec 28, 2010
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Pros:Below average sound, flimsy cord, horrible packaging.

Cons:SkullCandy should be embarrassed to have their name on this product.

The Bottom Line: They say SkullCandy but they sound like crap.

I am hard on headphones; they get beat up, sweat on, stepped on, accidentally run through the washer and crammed in my backpack. Even so, out of the package, SkullCandy Chops were by far one of the worst sounding headphones I have had in years. I grew tired of the Sony headphones and the way the cord came off of the ear pieces; it made it impossible to wear a baseball hat and my glasses with them and the ear pieces were always getting knocked out of place. I saw the Chops for ten dollars and since I had such great luck with other products from them I decided to give them a try. Now I know why they were on clearance. When I checked the SkullCandy website to see what they had to say about them and if there was something I was missing I saw the listed price at $24.95 which is completely laughable.

Why do they suck? If all you want are a pair of headphones then these will work; but if you want to actually listen to music and enjoy it then you are going to want to throw these in the trash. Thankfully I didn't wait until I was in a situation where I needed a pair of headphones; that's usually the case though. I still have a couple of pairs that I can use for running or when I am out shopping so I can avoid contact with morons. The sound is well below average. I am talking worse than a cheap pair of three dollar ear buds. I used these on my new iPod Touch as well as on my older Philips MP3 player and the sound coming off both was horrible. There was no bass to the music and all of the little extras that you can usually pick up on songs from groups like Type O Negative and Clutch were simply not there.

The cord is flimsy too. I don't really care about cord thickness or length but this is so thin that you feel like you are going to snap it if you happen to drop your MP3 player. While the ear pieces are comfortable there is a swivel to them so you have to play around with them once you get the hook over your ear. It is nice to have something that has this type of customization to it but if the sound sucks it is a useless perk. I wore these for a couple of hours without any pain or pinching but I wasn't really into it because of the sound. I gave it another go on my laptop when I was watching a movie and the sound wasn't bad with the speaking parts of it but it was really tinny when the music started playing. From that standpoint these might be a good purchase if you want something to wear when watching movies at night but if there is music involved, be prepared to cringe. Comfort yes, sound quality no.

Some might say that I should have known better. That paying ten dollars for a pair of headphones is never a good omen but I have had some that were in that price range that were awesome. Granted, most were Sony but even so, they had better sound than Chops. For spoken word these are not bad but I don't know anyone that uses an MP3 player or CD player just for spoken word. SkullCandy does have a great warranty on their products but if it’s a case of "these suck and I don't like them" then you are pretty much screwed. I'd only suggest Chops for people who are in "I need headphones now" situation and only if they are on clearance because these are not worth the full suggested price.

The jack that plugs in to the MP3 player or what ever device you are using is a straight piece, not "L" shaped so I am sure that is going to mean a short shelf life for these because of the almost constant bending it will get when in my pocket or backpack. The overall look of them is cheap too; I got the black and silver and the silver on the ear section is shiny – like cheap coated plastic. If the cord gets tangled good luck undoing that mess. As mentioned, it is a thin cord so you always feel like you are going to break it or snap it if you put even the slightest amount of pressure or pull on it. One of the nicer things about the Chops is there is a break in the cord so if you want to listen to it in bed you won't have to worry about it choking you to death; just remove the extra section of cording from it and plug the mid-section piece in to your device.

After being thoroughly disgusted with Chops I threw them in the trash after having to untangle them for the tenth time. A half hour later I fished them out and threw them in a drawer. Spending ten dollars for a "spare" emergency pair of headphones didn't sit very well with me and I am really disappointed that SkullCandy would put their name on this. I really hope this isn’t the direction that they are leaning towards with their headphone series because they are pure crap. If I would have paid full price for these I would have raise holy hell about it, I could probably still return them for an exchange but because they were a clearance item I might get some hassle from someone or hit with some previously unmentioned restocking fee. On a side note, the packaging for these was equally crappy. The "rivet" design on the edges of the plastic clamshell case made it almost impossible to get open.

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