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Smucker's Simply Fruit Black Raspberry Seedless Spread, 10 oz, 2 pk - 5150002569

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Smuckers Simply Fuits WAR: Black Raspberry vs. Blackberry Seedless Spreads

Mar 31, 2013
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Pros:Affordable, mixes with dairy, stays in place w/o dripping off

Cons:Contains salicylates, for some this a problem, stains on white clothes

The Bottom Line: Not too sugary, cholesterol free, tart n sweet perfectly balanced real fruit spread. Affordable, great alternative to refined sugar ! Check if able to eat if diabetic.

Oh what a joy to learn the best of both worlds . . .

When you are not much of a morning person and breakfast can be just about anything you want the list of foods to start your day are endless but not always nutritious.

Since I crave the latter but have a tight budget to mind I allow myself toast, eggs, pancakes, cereals, yogurt, fresh fruits or vegetables, and meats like nitrate & sulfite additive-free turkey, salami or roast beef (this is bought from Hormel), fish, and various non-processed carbohydrates like rice, potatoes and durum semolina whole wheat or regular, pasta.

The toast, pancakes or fresh fruit and plain yogurts need a boost of both creativity and sometimes taste because I don’t use refined white processed table sugar and xylitol is difficult to spread on such things even if mixed in with honey or apple butters. So there is a natural alternative to yum in the spreadable fruit department of Smuckers Simply fruit blends.

These spreads come in handy when pure maple syrup is both very expensive or nearly absent if enough trees were not harvested for the sap. I prefer the straight blackberry as it is straight sweet, little tart but when I want to pucker up a little more, this is the brand flavor I choose all the time.

Now on with my review . . .


A chemical compound in the raspberries called salicylic acid may cause mild to severe symptoms which include asthmas-like effects on breathing such as shallow and wheezing shortness; itchy rash skin; headaches; nasal congestion; extremity swelling and worst case scenario: anaphylactic shock. If you are allergic to this particular compound, do not ingest without doctor permission.


A small glass transparent bottle with a small label on front and back. A counter-clockwise turning metal lid is on top of the narrowed upper part of jar. The contents inside Smucker's Simply Fruit Black Raspberry Seedless Spread, 10oz 2-pack are a crimson blackish when held up to light and with no seeds to block any views, a perfect visual.

Inside is a gelatinous and viscous crimson blackish substance that is heavy enough to stay on a spoon and laid flat on the pancake or toast or mixed into plain yogurt . . . Which creates a very nice purple swirl.


In 1897 one man named Jerome Monroe Smucker created and sold his first product apple butter out of the back of a wagon, which later expanded into other spread able fruits like jams and jellies and marmalades and being incorporated by 1921.

For four generations and still headquartered in Orville Ohio this company has continued to serve delicious and affordable almost like home-made (if you will see the comparison natural ingredients as opposed to HFCS) fruits pulverized into scrumptious toppings for anything !


The two wonderful compounds in black raspberries are ellagic acid and anthocyanins. The first is healthy as an antioxidant which reduces on a cellular level oxidative stress while the latter is just a pigment of dark purplish-red.

This spread able fruit is good for you unless you are a diabetic and watching your glycemic index, so consult your doctor. Otherwise, this stuff is better than a carbohydrate starchy cookie or donut full of processed sugar !


These are provided as a convenience for consumers. Accuracy can not be guaranteed by Epinions or the Author. Please be aware that changes to ingredients can be made over time so to get the most accurate and up to date information please contact the manufacturer. (taken from becky2259)

Fruit syrup, black raspberries, lemon juice concentrate, fruit pectin, natural flavors. Also apple, pineapple or pear juice is in here, these change to so check labels against website against customer call line.


This Smucker's Simply Fruit Black Raspberry Seedless Spread, 10oz 2-pack is crimson blackberry juice that will stain a nice white blouse or shirt so eat carefully and run under hot water immediately ! There is also no preservatives in here and fruit pectin does not last forever; it will mold after a couple of months in the fridge.


Both of the Simply Fruits flavors share roughly the same nutritional value; however check labels if unsure.

Serving Size= 1 tbsp (19g)
Servings per jar= roughly 15

Calories= 40
Total Fat= 0
Monounsaturated Fat=0
Polyunsaturated Fat = 0
Saturated Fat= 0
Trans Fat= 0

Cholesterol= n/a
Sodium= 0mg
Total Carbohydrates= 10g or 3%
Protein = 0g or 0%
Fiber= n/a
Sugars= 8g

Iron= n/a
Vitamins A & C= 0%
Calcium= n/a
Potassium= n/a


This can mix with cream cheese on a bagel and not droop off or with peanut butter chunky won’t add needless seeds to pick from teeth AND is not so super sweet that you just can’t stand it. This is perfect tart to perfect sweet, balanced.

|| SMELL ||

There is a wonderful odor of fresh black raspberries in this Smucker's Simply Fruit Black Raspberry Seedless Spread, 10oz 2-pack swimming in their own succulent juice but not drippy, thick; while straight Blackberry is thinner because without seeds it is just fruit pectin.

|| TASTE ||

The same as the smell, only more taste bud action is satiated upon . . . But the straight blackberry is a bit more powerful in sugary sweetness, not like the tartness in here.

|| VERDICT (my) ||

I find this Smucker's Simply Fruit Black Raspberry Seedless Spread, 10oz 2-pack is a healthy delicious additive for my toast and butter, peanut butter on ritz or wonder bread and just like the blackberry which is just plain sweet, this is a tarter more robust flavor.

I rate this a **** ½ star product !

Thank you for reading,

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