Soft Claws for Cats - CLS (Cleat Lock System), Size Medium, Color Red Reviews
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Soft Claws for Cats - CLS (Cleat Lock System), Size Medium, Color Red

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His days as THE DESTROYER are over!!! :-)

Oct 3, 2012
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Pros:good for self (and furniture) preservation, kinder than declawing, simple to use.

Cons:superglue is tricky stuff, have to watch for caps that shed and replace asap.

The Bottom Line: I'm glad my vet recommended these, they are easy to use and inexpensive, I much prefer the hassle of replacing caps than amputating my cat's fingertips......which is what declawing does.

Even when he's naughty, I still love my 10lb shorthaired cat, Latte....but when I finally saved up enough to buy new furniture and he started shredding it instead of his scratching posts, I knew I had to take action.  

I spoke to my vet about declawing, and she educated me on the process and the result, and there was no way I was going to do that to my little bug killer/fly catcher/husband's sidekick..not only would he hate me, i'd hate myself!!  She quickly suggested Soft Claws claw caps, and showed me how they work, and how to use them.  I was sceptical because after one wrong move with the claw clippers several months before, Latte is not so relaxed about having his claws trimmed!!...

In the box there are 20 little silicone claw covers which are sized according to the weight of your cat...of course, if you have a hulking great cat with tiny claws, you'll need to use your own judgement on size....along with a tube of superglue and a couple of applicator tips for precise delivery of the glue into the claw cap.  The packaging includes instructions and an illustration.  Each claw cap has a "cleat locking system", which basically means it traps and holds the claw inside, although you still need to use glue to secure them.

First, you must trim your cat's claws so they are not too long to fit into the claw covers.  After doing that, pick up a claw cover, pinch it open from top to bottom, squeeze a little superglue into it, being sure it does not overflow, and slide it onto your cat's claw.  Repeat for each claw needing covering, and you need only hold the cap onto each claw for about a second before it is stuck fast.  Of course the instructions assume you don't have a little escape artist who would rather you trod on his tail than cover up his tiny little weapons of doom (and furniture destruction) !!!

Cat's claws naturaly shred, and they tend to chew them to help along this process.  So these claw covers will be shed in a couple of weeks, at which time you replace each claw cover as needed.  It only takes a couple of minutes and saves a couple of thousand dollars worth of furniture, so it really is well worth taking the time (and a few minutes of hatred from the cat)

Since cats who scratch for exercise generally only use their front paws, and not their "dew claws" (the little claws where their thumbs would be if they were people...which they think they are anyway albeit superior to us in every way) you likely only need to cover 4 claws on each front paw, so a package of 20 claw covers should last a couple of months.  However, if your cat likes to use the full arsenal at his or her disposal, you'll need to use the whole package, and have another package on hand to "safe" those little weapons.  

One important note:  If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, it is not adviseable to use claw covers on all claws, since your little warrior will not be able to defend him/herself against another cat, or other animal, not will he or she be able to climb to get him/herself out of a sticky situation.  

I bought a few packages, in different colors just for fun, and I do recommend using a colored claw cap so that you can see if there are caps missing that have been shed.  I like to give my cat a treat before and after I cover his claws so he doesn't hate me (as much!)

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