Aug 21, 2011
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Pros:Free Online Services-Blu Ray Player-Built In Wifi-Disc Protection-Strong Outer Layer

Cons:Have Not Stumbled Upon Any Problems Yet

The Bottom Line: My Final Recommendation is that the Playstation 3 is much better than Xbox360 as the Playstation 3 has many benifits in owning one.

The Playstation 3 is the most poular console. There Is competion Between The Playstation 3 and The Xbox360 but to me and most others, Playstation 3 is better in the following ways.The Online Services For the Playstation are free, which includes internet browsing, online gameplay, access to the Playstation Store, communication tool and Much more. The Xbox360 has similar features but for the Xbox360 you have to pay a fee to access these features. This fee can cost more than $80 for a year.The Playstation 3 Enables you to watch Blu Ray Movies on it, which gives you better graphics and sound when watching a movie. The Xbox360 does not have this feature.People have problems with the Xbox360 as it can get the "Red Ring Of Death" meaning it overheats and you cannot access your Xbox at all and have to pay to get it fixed. The Playstation 3 cannot get Red Ring Of Death meaning you dont have to keep serviceing it and having to pay for repairs.As The Playstation 3 has a Blu Ray Player, all Playstation games are Blu Ray Coated making them harder to scratch and give games a better quality and sounds.The Playstation 3 has built in Wifi meaning you dont need to connect your Playstation from your ethernet cable to your modem. But with Xbox360, you have to connect an ethernet cable which might cause problems for some people.Another Problem with the Xbox360 is that whenever it gets hit or tips over, the game gets destoyed leaving it usless. The Playstation 3 has a safe disc compatrment so the Playsation can take some damage without problems occuring.There are many exclusive games that only come on the Playstation 3 console like, Uncharted, Infamous, Dead Nation, Grand Turismo and more.Unlike the Xbox360 controllers, the Playstation 3 does not require batteries to last. Playstation controllers can be charged by connecting it to the USB Slot on the front of the Playsation 3.So if your browsing around for one of these major Consoles and need an opinion> I recommend the Playstation 3.

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