Sony CFD-S350 CD/Radio/Cassette Boombox Reviews
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Sony CFD-S350 CD/Radio/Cassette Boombox

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Sony CFD-S350 Radio/Cassette/CD Boombox

Feb 21, 2008
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Pros:Sound OK, takes abuse, looks good and sleek after being tossed around. A good value

Cons:Should not be labeled a "BOOM" box.

The Bottom Line: This unit gives all I need for a secondary portable sound system. It's durable and sounds good enough.

We have had the Sony CFD-S350 Radio/Cassette/CD Boombox in our home for the last couple-a-few years. It's primarily used by my daughter and my wife for portable audio play of CDs. There are times when a small personal CD player or iPod won't do. Many times we want a little music in our backyard and this has been perfect for that use.

Some Basics and Thoughts

This Sony product, that has an oval type shape, is about 17"w x 12"d x 6"h. It's not all that big so Boom box doesn't exactly fit. I say that in reference to a booming sound also. It's just not there. The sound is good enough and loud enough but certainly not booming.

It has stereo speakers that are well placed facing out the front and also upwards giving a fine sound in most directions. I like that.

This stereo unit offers a CD player. It has never found a format it didn't like and I get solid playing and no probs with CDs that are not in the finest shape. i like that the CD player is not over-sensitive.

It also has a tape deck for cassettes in the front area that like the CD player is easily accessible.

Between the CD player and the Cassette tape area is the tuning window for the Am/FM radio. The dials are easy enough to see and the stations to set. The radio holds the stations well without fade. We once had a remote for the player that could set stations and such but it is long gone and we never really needed it for the way we use the "boom" box.

This combo unit can be plugged in directly using the 8' cord or run on 6D batteries. I like having that flexibility.

A port for headphones is easily found and used on the top of the unit.

I like the fold down/up handle that is both strong and folds down into the body remaining flush. One can hardly tell there's a handle there. If you look at the above photo, it is part of the darker line that goes around toward the back of the unit. An antenna also folds into the body hidden and back out again and extends.

Last Thoughts

This radio/CD player/Cassette tape player is in a plastic body. It is durable though in that our unit has been manhandled and dropped more than once. It's also been left out in the rain. I don't think that I can take it, cause it took so long to bake it, and I'll never have that recipe again...Oh No! Sorry, I couldn't help bring up the words to Richard Harris, MacArthur Park.

This doesn't have great sound and should not be labeled a "BooM" box the way I hear it. It's good enough for background music. the CD player works well and the same for the cassette player. We lost the remote that controls all long ago but the manual switches and dials serve me and the rest of the family well enough.

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