Sony MDR-710LP Headband Headphones - Silver/Black Reviews

Sony MDR-710LP Headband Headphones - Silver/Black

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Dec 27, 2006 (Updated Dec 27, 2006)
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Pros:Great Sound Quality, Great On-ear Comfort, Helpful Carrying Case Included

Cons:A little awkward to handle, Difficult to fold-up at first

The Bottom Line: I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who enjoys loud music and usually finds their headphones blown from playing them too loud

In today’s electronically driven world practically everybody has an IPod, Mp3 player, or some other form of portable music player. Everyone also has six pairs of headphones: Five that no longer work and one that will no longer work in about a month. The headphone industry has us by our necks because, at least from my experiences, any pair of headphones under $150 will unfortunately not last long before it, in one way or another, fails to work anymore. The Sony Core MDR-710LP is an exception to that Murphy’s Law of Headphones . I have had these headphones for about three months now and I am very happy with my decision.

Sound Quality 10/10
The sound quality of the Sony Core MDR-710LP’s is incredible especially for the price. On the packaging the headphones are advertised as headphones that are made to block outside sounds. The headphones live up to that statement unbelievable well. At first I didn’t know that they were blocking out sounds from the world around me until I realized that even though I didn’t have the sound turned up very high on them, I was completely oblivious to many people around me screaming my name. When wearing these headphones basically all outside noises are inaudible.

The headphone’s specs are 12Hz – 24000 kHz, 24 ohm and 106 dB. When I purchased the headphones I was very confident that the specs would be plenty loud enough and of good enough quality for my music tastes (and trust me I like my music LOUD .) However, the quality of sound is even better than I expected. The bass on the headphones drops in your ear like no other headphones I’ve ever heard. You can actually feel the vibration from it, without even having the sound fully turned up. The voice on the headphones comes out very crisp and clear and really gives the wearer a feeling of complete “one-with-the-music.” Like I stated earlier, I enjoy music as loud as it can go, and generally with headphones that’s exactly what I have to do: turn them up as loud as they go. With the Sony Core MDR-710LP’s that isn’t the case. On my computer when I have the sound turned up all the way it is absolutely ear-piercing (even though the quality is still great.) Therefore, I can listen to music as loud as I want without having to worry about blowing my headphones out. I am in love with the sound quality of these headphones!!

Comfort 7/10
The headphones are very light-weight and feature a very comfortable, foam-like padding. Once you get them on your head you can barley tell that they’re even up there. With most over the head headphones after about an hour your ears start to hurt because they’ve been crushed into the side of your skull for the last hour. This feeling of discomfort doesn’t happen with these headphones because they’re so lightweight and the padding is so well manufactured.

The comfort problem with these headphones actually comes when they’re off your head, instead of when they’re on it. The headphones feature a fold-up feature and come with a round, plastic container to keep them in when you’re traveling (perfect for college students going from class to class.) The problem with this fold-up feature is that the headphones can be very awkward when you’re not actually listening to music. You can't just keep these headphones hanging around your neck because they will automatically close upon your neck like a dog-collar. Also, the headphones are designed to fold-up in a four-way manner (two ways on each side.) It is very easy to get confused on which way to fold each side, especially when you’re in a hurry. Additionally, they often times fall out of your hands and retract in every direction possible when trying to fold them up. I’ve found that after a month or so you start to get used to how they fold up and this problem seems to disappear, but at first it can be very frustrating.

Durability 9/10
Like I stated above, these headphones fold-up and fit nicely in a plastic carrying container. This feature greatly helps their durability rating because if you take good care of them and store them in their case when their not in use, despite their somewhat flimsy appearance, they’re literally never going to break. Also the fact that they fold up makes them more durable because if they get bent or pulled chances are they’re going to bend along with the way that they fold, which reduces the risk of actually breaking the headphones. Overall the headphones are still in store-like shape (knock on wood) and unfortunately I admit that I’m not always the most careful person when it comes to items like headphones.

Overall 8.5/10
Overall I am very impressed and happy with my Sony Core MDR-710LP Consumer Headphones. They sound quality is great, they are comfortable to wear, which to me is much more important than how comfortable they are to handle when off your ears, and so far they have shown to be very durable as well. The only complaint I have is that fact that they can’t be wore around the neck and they are sometimes finicky when folding them up. Other than those two miniscule issues these headphones were a great purchase!!

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