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Sony MDR-AS20J Ear-Hook Headphones - White

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Iíve Been Rescued From The Hardness of iPod Earbuds!

May 23, 2011
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Pros:Light weight; faithful quality sound reproduction’ very comfortable.

Cons:Lacking mid-range response

The Bottom Line: The Sony MDR-AS20J Headphone/Ear-buds are much better than the stock ear-buds they replaced.

If you use an iPod—whatever flavor—then you know all too well how uncomfortable they can be.  I bought my iPod Touch to accompany me on my workouts and sometimes they can take upwards to an hour and a half to accomplish.  The stock ear-bud’s that ship with the iPod, while aurally adequate began to hurt my ears after only a short bit of time.  And they a continually need adjusting—as in every five minutes or so.  Very frustrating!      
So I started looking around for a new set of new ear-buds, one that fit around the ears, sound great, and are light enough to wear for a prolonged period of time.  I was willing to pay up to $20.00 for a pair which pretty much ruled out BOSE, which would have been my first choice, but hey, I have a self-imposed budget. 

Eventually my search led me to Sony, specifically the Sony MDR-AS20J Headphones. I have owned Sony headphones in the past, and I liked their build quality, price-point, and faithful sound reproduction.  And these did not disappoint!    
The Product
The Sony MDR-AS20J Headphone/Ear-buds are designed to fit a wide range of ear sizes.  The specially designed (vertical) loop hangers help prevent the headphones/ear-buds from dropping off the ear.  The Sony MDR-AS20J Headphone/Ear-buds ship with a 4 ft. cord and includes a clip to secure the cord to your clothing.    
My Take

I am very pleased with Sony MDR-AS20J Headphone/Ear-buds.  They have met all of my criteria nicely; they cost under $20.00 ($14.99.95 at; they are light weight, and; they reproduce sound across the entire musical range (10Hz – 20,000Hz).  As I stated above, I typically work out for an hour or more and I am happy to report that I rarely if ever have to adjust them.  Better yet, if I didn’t hear the (most excellent) sound in my ears, and have to manage the cord, I would forget they were n my ears, they are so very comfortable!   

The stylish and multi-colored (mine are red and silver), 1 pound Sony MDR-AS20J Headphone/Ear-buds fit easily over my ear and effectively block out outside noise.  As far as sound reproduction is concerned, the Sony MDR-AS20J Headphone/Ear-buds are hands down the best headphones/ear-buds I have ever owned!  The lower frequencies are rich and sufficiently rumbling, the highs are high, but the mid-range mid-frequencies are not as engaging and sweet as I’d like.  No matter the Sony MDR-AS20J Headphone/Ear-buds are much better than the stock ear-buds they replaced. Affordable, lightweight, comfortable, great sounding, the Sony MDR-AS20J Headphone/Ear-buds are clear winners.     

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