Sony MDR-EX700 In-Ear only Headphones - Black Reviews
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Sony MDR-EX700 In-Ear only Headphones - Black

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Jan 25, 2010
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Pros:Clear, Loud and Comfortable.  A bargain compared to many other "high-end" ear-buds.

Cons:Long burn-in required. I say 50 hours but definitely worth it.

The Bottom Line: Hear every note with detail and presence. Loud but controlled and precise they can easily take you from Ozzy or Foo Fighters or Enya or Tchaikovsky with ease.

Being a working musician I demand a high level of fidelity when it comes to music.  At home I listen to Bose full size over-ear headphones. I bought these Sony MDR-EX700 because I wanted a more portable ear-bud style with great sound.  I also wanted a sturdy build, light weight and comfort.  They weren't the first pair I bought to try and fit the bill.  I also bought a pair of Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket, and a pair of Phillips "surround sound" phones for comparison.  Here is the rundown...

I first purchased the Skullcandy headphones and was quite pleased with them.  For the price, $65 they have good presence, a nice balance and are a quality product for the price.  They came with a nice collection of foam and silicon ear-buds.  So why upgrade to the Sony EX700 for over $100 more?  That is the question I wanted answered for myself.

The Sony's arrived in the mail and I set them up on my PC to "burn-in" they recomend a break in period of 12 to 24 hours at normal listening levels.  I usually give my headphones 50 hours of break in time but I was in a hurry so I setteled for 12 hours.

I pulled together a collection of Classical, Rock, Ambient, Electronic, and Acoustic music pieces.  I first listened to my Bose full headphones, then to the Phillips Surround Sounds.  Wow what a disappointment they were.  Then to the Skullcandy, a very nice upgrade from the $14 Phillips.  The Skullcandy FMJ's were very good head to head with the Bose, still some limitations in bass and overall presence but nice.  Last I moved to the Sony EX700.

The first thing I noticed is the level of bass.  WOW, I had to change the EQ and roll off the bass frequencies a bit.  These things can really pump out the bass. The sound is huge and I hadn't expected such a difference between the very good Skullcandy and these Sony's.  Moving on to some ambient and sound-scape music I could really appreciate the openness and clarity they have.  I was hearing bass frequencies that I had not notices before that must have been nearing the low 20khz frequencies.  After an hour or so with them I was able to hear why they are worth the extra $100 and I still believe they are. 

The soundstage is excellent with an emphasis on bass and highs.  They remind me of listening to a high end sub-woofer & satellite system rather than headphones.  The bass is very controllable and after getting used to adjusting my EQ I have found the the highs are where these headphones actually really shine.  The clarity is amazing and I have noticed that the longer I have owned them the better they sound.  The lows and mids are controlled and clear now with precise detail and the high frequencies have smoothed out even more.  I have experienced no ear fatigue even after an all day listening session during a trip.

After looking back on the evaluation period of these I highly recomend a 50 hour burn-in.  They just begin to shine at about 30 hours.

The Sony MDR-EX700 headphones come with a leather case with a pull-out cord organizer which I find very handy, quick to store, and easy to use.  They have a standard  1/8" gold plated plug.  Nice tangle-free cord with side drop.

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