Sony MDR-IF240RK Headband Wireless Headphones - Black Reviews
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Sony MDR-IF240RK Headband Wireless Headphones - Black

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Sony MDR - The Cheapest Alternative in Headphones

Dec 15, 2005 (Updated Sep 28, 2009)
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Pros:good looks, excellent sound


The Bottom Line: highly recommended, expecially for PSP owners.

nI bought these headphones along with my Toshiba DVD player last March when I had a few red-eye flights scheduled for the rest of the year. I wanted something reasonably priced, with good and loud sound quality.  I wasn't too hopeful on the noise reduction part, since I didn't think true noise-cancellation was possible for anything under $100, but I figured any help would be appreciated.

Price and Packaging:

The sony headphones are actually not that cheap. When I bought mine, they cost around $60. I think its possible to get it cheaper nowadays. It comes in a nice looking leather pouch, with a white sony logo on it. I was delightfully surprised by this, as its definitely an indicator that you are getting your money's worth. In addition, there was a converter extension for plugging these directly into some jets that have thick, double connectors.

Looks and Portability:

The headphones are slightly luster grey, with white and black accent. Its actually a pretty expensive looking piece of equipment. I had a few people on the train tell me they look nice, and ask how much they are, etc. (and they wouldn't believe the price, as they thought I had spent $100 minimum). However, they are larger than your average headphones, with muffs big enough to cover your entire ear. On the left ear-muff, there is a small pocket for a single AAA battery. However, it doesn't deter the looks as its well hidden. At first, my intention was to only take this with me on plane rides, and after I bought my PSP, I realized I am getting the best sound quality with the sony headphones. The top of the headphone is made up of a wide, plastic black semi-circle that goes over the head. Although its oversized, the sony is of medium weight and is not a problem for taking on hikes or riding the subway. However, its not suited for exercise, so don't even try it.

The Sound

This is really the best part of these headphones, and yes, Sony did deliver as promised. Please note that you can use these headphones without batteries, without the noise-cancellation turned on. However, it is when you turn-on the noise cancellation that things start to rock. I think that in addition to reducing the lower-end of the spectrum, the battery energy is used to increase the volume. Its loud, its crystal clear, and its lacking any humming noise. The batteries, when used, seem to last forever. I really can not give you an accurate estimate on these. I take my PSP on 2 hour subway ride everyday, and I replace the battery once ever 2 months. I always play with the noise-cancellation turned on, and sometimes I even forget to turn it off for an extra several hours.

I've had these headphones for over 6 months now, and they've proved their worth by replacing all my other headphones and becoming a carry-on item for all my travel activity, even my daily subway commute. Its a bit oversized for the subway, but I think that the benefits greatly outweigh the drawback (also serves well to cover your ears from the cold:)). I highly recommend these headphones, and I think its a must-have for anyone who owns a PSP.

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