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Sony MDR-J10 Headband Headphones - Green

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Snap, Crackle, Pop Go My Sony Ear Buds

Feb 5, 2007
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Pros:Comfortable to wear, sound good while sitting

Cons:Popping sounds while running

The Bottom Line: While I'm running I really don't want to be reminded of Rice Krispies.

Ear Sweat - Worse to Experience than Read about?
I've been running on a treadmill at the Y, plugged into the television; it makes the time go by faster. Eventually I would pull off my headphones to readjust them and then have to submit myself to the disgusting feeling of putting cold, sweat soaked foam covers back on my head. It was time for ear buds.

Listen My Children and You Shall Hear...
Wal-Mart had at least 10 different styles, from less than $1 up to $10. I didn't want a headband style and so selected the $10 Sony MDR-J10 ear buds. Each separate ear bud is easy to slip on. The curved plastic holder slips easily over your ear, like glasses, while the small bud sits gently in your ear canal. The buds are designed to reduce ambient noise, and I noticed a significant difference in the volume level of the Y, just by putting them on.

I plugged the mini jack into my television control and started my warm up. Everything was going well. The sound was clear, but there was a noticeable bass boost over my other Sony headphones. While that is nice for my CD Player, it took some getting used to with the television; Alex Trebek sounds a bit more masculine. I missed the built-in volume control that I instinctively reach for when commercials come on. Now I have to reach over and use the television control to change the volume. The holders were definitely comfortable and I hardly noticed they were there.

Finally my warm up was over and it was time to run. That was when I discovered a big problem with my ear buds. As I ran I was subjected to popping sounds. If I slowed down it stopped, but as soon as I sped up it was like running in a bowl of Rice Krispies. I tried another treadmill with a different controller and had the same problem. I tried my portable CD player. Again, it was fine while walking but running brought on the annoying popping again.

What causes this? I don't really know, nor frankly, do I care. All I know is that the popping sound is terribly annoying while running and makes them worthless at the Y. I'll go out on a limb and guess that the ear buds move in my ear as I run and that movement causes the popping sound. My husband threw out the box so returning them may not be an option. They are fine for sitting around listening to music, but I already have headphones for that.

A Little Wiser
I will be buying another set of ear buds this week. I think this time I will try a headphone style in hopes that it will help hold the buds still in my ears. While sitting, these buds are comfortable and provide nice sound quality but they aren't a good choice if you are going to be more than mildly active.

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