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Sony MDR-J10 Headband Headphones - Green

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Dec 7, 2007
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Pros:Good all-round sound quality, low price, comfortable, lightweight.

Cons:Wires not top-notch.

The Bottom Line: Wanna listen to music without your buds flailing out? These could be your next headphones.

Okay, so awhile back I bought a Sony PSP, and with it came some white headphones (very similar to the MDR-E818LP). They did their job, as in giving me sound when I need it. But the annoying thing was that they would keep falling out of my ears, either because my ear is too small or the phones' are too big. Also, they sounded a bit tiny, because all the headphones really did in my ear is just sit and hang on. But of course this is probably just me. Anyway, I went out and bought me a pair of these MDR-J10 headphones from Sony.

-----Product Box / packaging
The package for these J10's were amazingly (and a little nervously) easy to open. None of that plastic-so-hard-that-you'll-break-your-scissors-trying-to-open-them kind. The headphone wires were held with a twisty-tie. And finally their is a single solitary paper explaining your limited warranty.

-----The Headphones
The headphones themselves are all plastic. As well as the loop that goes over your ear, which, by the way, are pretty flexible. The speakers are in a 90 degree position and point forward into your ear. Holes are dotted on one side of the speaker ‘output’, probably to direct bass more controllably.. The wires are a little disappointing for me. The headphone wires that came with my PSP were a high-ish quality rubber that has withstood the abuse I have inflicted on the past years. These J10’s wires are the kind of wires made out of plastic, kindof like the ones that come from brands like Coby, but a little more softer. We’ll have to see if these wires can hold. Another thing about the wires, is that they have a little ‘zipper’ like contraption that you can slide up or down the wires (which are about 47 inches by the way) to make another point on the line to make a ‘Y’ split. Pretty cool and useful. When you actually try to put on the headphones you have to slide them on like sunglasses and adjust them to your preference. I had a little trouble at first, as I kept missing my ear and they just scuff the outsides of my ears. Once you get it right (less then an hour) its pretty hard to forcefully pull the headphones off if your pulling downward on the wires.

Well, as I stated, my previous sets were decent and did their job adequately. These however, are a step waaay up. Theirs actually bass in my music now! Now I don’t have to physically push my headphones inside my ear when I want to hear my favorite parts! Anyway, for 10 bucks you get a bass range that is quite boomy, and not ‘flat’ or tiny. The midrange is good also, as the vocals in my music come in much clearer now. Highs are nice and tingly, not sharp or annoying at all. The sound in general wont make you fell like your ears are going to bleed. I can tell the difference with MP3 192kbps and MP3 256kbps (both non LAME) with these. Also, another reviewer stated that you would hear snaps and pops in you music while you run. I tried running with them, and I experienced no unwanted sounds. The only time when I would hear snaps and crackles is when the wires rub against the zipper lining of my coat. Other then that I have no ‘unwanted’ sounds.

I have to say I am a very pleased customer. At 10 Dollars a pop, they’re pretty darn cheap. But cheap does not describe their sound clarity and quality. Not only that but its stable the whole time you wear them. For the long run, I’m not sure how long they’ll last, as the quality of the wires aren’t up to par (probably better then the Sony MDR-EX51/75 though, but I have never really felt those.). Good product Sony, keep it up.

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