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Sony MDR-J10 Headband Headphones - Green

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They work well with my large ears.

Jan 12, 2008 (Updated Jan 12, 2008)
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Pros:Inexpensive, sound good, and are comfortable on my fairly large ears.

Cons:They may not fit your ears.

The Bottom Line: Definitely worth a try if you want to experiment with a different style headphone.

If only there were ear sizes like there are shoe sizes. Face it, the size and shape of ears vary almost as much as feet, but earphone makers treat them like one size fits all. Add to this the claims or hype of high fidelity in earphones, and you can drop a bundle of money on a pair of earphones that don't fit very well or sound very good to you.

I was fortunate. My girlfriend (who has pretty big ears, but don't tell her I told you) wanted a pair of earphones to replace the ear buds that came with her iPod because one of the buds slipped out of her ear easily. She saw the Sony MDR-J10's at Best Buy and thought they looked like they would fit her ears so she bought them. It helped that the price was reasonable too, so even if she didn't like them, it wouldn't be a big loss. Well, after she got them, I tried them on, and they fit my ears too, and sounded pretty good. I bought a pair also.

I've used other Sony headphones before, and have always thought they sound pretty good, and the MDR-J10's live up to my expectations. The plastic ear hanger frames are slightly flexible, but not soft. The speaker part of the headphone is angled toward the front of your head so that the sound is aimed down your ear canal. My ear canal isn't completely filled with the speaker so I can hear ambient noises. Your experience may be different, but for me, the sound is satisfactory. It's not too bassy, nor extremely trebley, but for well under $20, I'm pleased with the sound.

There are two other things I like about the Sony MDR-J10 headphones. One is that unlike some ear buds, you can easily figure out which speaker goes in which ear. You can put them on in the dark and be sure that the right speaker is in the right ear. Second is that there is a little plastic sliding ring that lets you adjust the wires under your chin. You can slide the ring up under your jaw, and snug the earphones into your ears for a bit louder and richer sound, but it may look a bit dorky. The ring also helps to keep the headphone wires from getting as tangled up when you wrap them up for storage.

Anyway, if you think you have size 13 ears and have been curious about earphones that hang from your ears, the Sony MDR-J10's are a good bet to fit your ears and sound good.

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