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Sony MDR-V150 Headband Headphones - Black

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Sony MDR-V150 headphones excel in a crowded market of similar imposters!

Dec 4, 2009
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Pros:Long 6.6ft thick cord, 30mm driver unit for deep bass response.

Cons:Assuming you need entry level headphone quality, NONE

The Bottom Line: I enjoyed my Sony MDR-V150 headphones for over two years and hope that you have a similar experience with this quality product.

A good set of headphones are going to compliment your listening lifestyle and help you experience all the hidden sounds of your favorite music.  Sony MDR-V150 headphones are prime example of this by providing not only great sound but also comfort through ergonomic, ear cup design.  Read on to see how will these headphones work with my favorite music.

A few years ago, I purchased the Sony D-NF340 Personal CD Player and started enjoying crystal clear CD audio again.  My interests moved to headphones since I could tell that I was missing a lot of the deep baselines in my music.  The first headphones I purchased were so bad that I never realized some of my favorite tracks had a bass line until I put the CD in my 2009 Honda Accord!   Soon after purchasing several headsets, I discovered the Sony MDR-V150.  The sound I was looking for finally arrived. 

The ear cups of the MDR-V150 swivel and are even reversible for single-sided studio monitoring.  The headphones feature an all black construction that blends in with my naturally black hair (aside from a few grey strands that simply reflect my shock of listening to Larry King).   The headband itself is rather wide and has is retractable on both side to ensure that the ear pads cover your ears.  The ear pads themselves are much softer than the ones found on the JVC HA-S150 headphones.  While they still do not fully cover my ears, they do a much better job of reducing background ambient noise.   The thick black plastic is also much more forgiving than a traditional set of head phones which has made them very durable.

Sound Quality Of The Sony MDR-V150
Testing the sound quality of headphones is subjective at best depending on a variety of conditions and even the device driving the sound.  For all of these tests, I used a Sony D-NF340 Personal CD Player with fully charged Sony Cycle Energy AA 2000 (NHAAAB2K) Batteries for good measure.  I am not really a Sony fan boy rather I like things that work.

The track Wunjo (Joy) by Giles Reaves features a melodic mid to high frequency sound that only a good set of speakers can fully reproduce.  The headphones can faithfully reproduce the mid-range with full effect.  The bass notes are there but fainter.  The upper frequencies are missing on just a few of the high notes when compared to playback on a Bose stereo.  Grade:  B+

If you listen to punk often, then you know that the track Come As You Are by Nirvana can test the reproduction of a full range of sound.  I got results consistent with the previous test but could hear the 30mm driver missing a few guitar lines as the drums overrode the playback. Still, you can expect a very faithful playback with these.  Grade:  B

Using Sony Headphones With Portable Video Games
The Nintendo DSi Matte Black Console has brought high resolution, dual screen graphics to portable gaming.  Yet many people do not know that the sound system on the DSi is capable of producing great sound beyond what the tiny built-in speakers can produce.  For this reason, I suggest trying out these Sony headphones on your Nintendo DSi

I use these headphones while playing the game Geometry Wars: Galaxies for DS all the time.  You are going to enjoy the deep explosions and pitched sounds that they produce while playing the game.

Headphone Precautions
Treat your headphones carefully.  Do not throw them on the ground or over stretch them when you place them on your ears.  They are made of plastic and too much repeated stress will cause them to break.

All headsets are pointed directly at your ear drums and you only have one set of those!  For your safety, please do not play audio at extremely high volumes or play for extended periods of time. 

Specifications Of Sony MDR-V150
Frequency response:  18Hz – 22,000Hz
Sensitivity:  98db/1mw
Impedance:  24 ohms
Magnet:  Ferrite core
Length of cord:  2 meters (6.6 ft)
Cord construction:  Oxygen-free copper
Distributed by Sony
Headset is made in China

Many other headphones can be bought for this products average cost of $20.  You are going to find that none of them have the feel and sound that the Sony MDR-V150 offers.   The swiveled ear cups, long cord and oxygen-free copper construction present a value that simply cannot be found in any other product at this price point.
Of course, there are other headphones on the market today that you can buy to get an even better musical experience.  If you have $300 to spend, I would strongly recommend getting Monster Beats By Dr. Dre.  They are powered headphones with noise cancellation features. 

In all I would give the Sony MDR-V150 headset two thumbs up.

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