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Sony MDR-V150 Headband Headphones - Black

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Great for recording on a budget

Dec 5, 2009 (Updated Dec 5, 2009)
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Pros:Inexpensive; very good sound reproduction

Cons:The bass reproduction is more than a bit unrealistic; good for recording but not great

The Bottom Line: If you are strictly an amateur musician who wants to goof off and record some tracks, these are hard to beat.

As I mentioned in my review of the Behringer Guitar Link, I do love recording on a budget. In order to do that effectively, however, I needed to get a decent set of headphones. I've got a small set of Sony earbuds that are just fine for listening to music at the office, but they're not much for recording music.

The cord on those phones is far too short and they simply don't reproduce music well enough for recording. So I wound up paying about $20 for a set of those Sony MDR-V150 Professional Headphones and they suit me just fine.

I should point out that there are much better professional-grade headphones out there. If you're looking for doing some honest-to-goodness, show-me-the-money stuff, then these probably aren't the headphones for you. They suit my purposes just fine because I dink around on my guitar and bass just for the hell of it -- I'm an amateur in the truest sense of the term when it comes to playing music, so my requirements for recording are accordingly slim.

Having said that, let me mention what I do like about these headphones. First of all, you get a cord that's 6.6 feet long. Furthermore, the unit has a typical 3.5 mm headphone plug attached but also comes with a 6.35 mm adapter -- that's the size I need to plug into the aforementioned Guitar Link and it was a good move on Sony's part to include that adapter.

Also, these do reproduce sound well enough. There is a problem with the bass, however. If I record a track with the bass guitar or drums pushed to the max, it might sound great on this device but can distort if you play the track through standard speakers or small headphones if you "push" the bass on your equalizer up quite a bit. I like a lot of bass in my music, see, and do tend to push the levels up quite a bit when I'm listening to music. The fact that everything sounds fine through these headphones yet distorted when used on typical speakers and headphones tells me there's something a bit off about the way these handle bass. That can be a real problem if you're mixing a track that you actually want someone other than yourself to hear.

Also, these headphones leave something to be desired when it comes to comfort. The headphones cover your ears very snuggly and that does lead to some sweating if you have them on for about an hour or so. It takes me a bit longer than hour to slap on these headphones, record a number of tracks and then mix them together, so that is a problem.

I have, however, learned to compensate for those problems and have been pleased with the overall performance of these headphones. They do reproduce music very well in that I can hear the separations between the instruments clearly enough -- even when I get the notion to "lock" a distorted rhythm guitar and bass together into one filthy buzz in which the instruments hammer on the same notes at different octaves.

Still, the bass problems do make it difficult to mix tracks together and have an idea of how they'll sound on other speakers and headphones. That is a problem. A pretty large one, in fact.

Having said that, these headphones are marvelous for listening to music. The separations between the instruments are reproduced well with these headphones and there is bass, treble and midrange to spare. The frequency response is noticeably superior to you typical headphones -- the weird bass response that makes recording through these so troublesome is a blessing when listening to music (more bass = good) and the highs and mid-ranges are respectable. The headphones, then, might be so-so for recording, but they'll reproduce those Beatles albums (or whatever) quite well. I do wish they were more comfortable, but that's always been a problem with headphones that cover your ears completely, right?

I've read a couple of reviews suggesting that these headphones aren't too durable. I'm not sure what those reviewers put these headphones through, but I treat my electronics fairly delicately and this Sony set has served me well. They do feel solid, but I could understand how they might crumble is subjected to a little abuse -- that can be a drawback for someone who takes the "professional" label on these headphones seriously and intends to use them for heavy duty purposes.

All in all, these headphones represent a great bargain for amateurs like me who enjoy making music but aren't good enough to justify spending a lot of cash on top-notch gear. If you fall into that category, you'll probably be very happy with these.

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