Sony MDR-V250V Headband Headphones - Black Reviews
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Sony MDR-V250V Headband Headphones - Black

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Good sound and value, but not built to last.

Dec 17, 2003
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Pros:Good sound quality, closed type monitor style headphone, padded ear cups, good value.

Cons:Easily broken plastic pieces. Must handle with care if you want them to last.

The Bottom Line: Good sound quality, but plastic assembly is weak. A good value if you only expect to use these about a year.

I've had these headphones for about 2 years, and use them almost daily to play music while working at my CAD station at work. I selected these headphones since I'm usually pleased with the sound quality of Sony products at a reasonable price. I liked the idea of using a monitor type closed headphone like the V250V since I can crank up the music without having it bleed to the rest of the office.

Although the sound quality of these headphones did not disappoint, the build quality did. After about a year of use, the first part to break was the sliding adjustment on one side of the unit. This is at the ends of the top band over that goes over the head. The construction was a little bit flimsy leaving little material in this area for it to last. I fixed this by drilling 2 small holes and fastened it with a zip-tie. Eventually, the other side gave away, which I repaired the same way. Of course, this renders the headphones unadjustable, which was no big deal since I'm the only one who uses it.

The next part to fail after about a year and a half was the top part of the C-branch that holds the ear cup. This was repaired by adding a thin metal brace secured by smaller zip-ties.

Most recently, I've been having chronic problems with the volume control wheel, where the sound cuts off unless I fiddle with it to find a clear spot which I found is common with cheaper volume controls. I tried opening up and cleaning the volume control, but all attempts seem very temporary. I wish I had bought the version without the volume control and saved a bit of money.

Although the headphones now somewhat resemble something hacked together, I still like the sound quality produced through the speakers. I thought about bypassing the volume control by rewiring it, and extend the life a bit, but I decided to step up to a higher end unit, and ordered the Audio Technica ATH-M30 which is another closed monitor type headphone. I'll try to write a review on those after I receive them and had some time to try them out.

The padded cups are still in great shape and the sound is still as crisp as when they were new. It's just those plastic pieces that are weak, but after two years I guess I can't expect a set of 30 dollars headphones to last all too long.

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