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Sony MDR-V250V Headband Headphones - Black

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Excellent Sound for $30

Nov 23, 2008 (Updated Jan 24, 2009)
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Pros:Excellent sound for a semi-open ear design, priced right

Cons:Uncomfortable after a while if you wear glasses

The Bottom Line: Sounds great, and decently built for $30.

I've been on a headphone kick ever since I got my 2nd gen 32 GB iPod Touch.  I've already bought some Skull Candy Smoking Buds INK'D ear buds based on the positive reviews here at ePinions, but also wanted something over-the-ears for at-home use.

The reason why I wanted a set like that is because those in-the-ear buds make everything you do resonate!  A brush on the wires, chewing, yawning, etc.  I also sometimes feel like I want to pop my ears!  While I will endure this on the street, I will not at home.

I just happened by the Sony Store and was listening to all the headphones on display.  These were monitor-style headphones that didn't look like something I could afford.  I picked up the MDR-V250V to try on because it was the smallest of the bunch.  I figured it couldn't sound as full as the others.  I was wrong.

The highs were refreshing, the mids were well represented, and the lows were pounding!  I couldn't believe that it was a semi-open ear design!  I just had to know what the price was of these things, and looked down the tag.  I was wrong again - these didn't cost $100 or more... they cost $30!  Still, I didn't know if $30 was something I'd like to plunk down for "yet another set of headphones".  Then the tide turned when I saw a sign that said "20% off all headphones".

Needless to say, I was out the door, headphones in hand, $27 poorer (price includes tax).

In The Package
The package is a cardboard backing with a plastic front.  It was easty to rip into.  The headpone itself was there as expected, but surprisingly, so was a gold-plated 1/8" to 1/4" adapter so you can use the MDR-V250V on a high-end receiver or other similar high-end audio device.  Also included was a warrantee pamphlet.

The band is made of hard plastic, and does seem sturdy.  The headphones themselves are held on at two points, which allow them to swivel.  This allows you to put your ears to a single headphone to do a quick listen without actually putting the headphones on.  The plastic that holds the drivers in place look like they may not last, but only time will tell.

They have notches on both sides of the headband to allow for you to adjust for size.  The notches are numbered so you can easily remember your setting if you have to share the headphones with others.

The cord is generously long.  I didn't have a tape measure, but it looks to be about 6 feet.  It feels a bit soft in texture, which is probably an anti-tangle feature.  I'll tell ya, though... I still manage to get them tangled a few times.

Sound Quality
These things didn't sound as good as I remembered in the store.  Surprisingly, I was using my iPod Touch as the source when I was playing around with them.  There was less clarity at the high end, but still not all that bad (just not as I remebered when I was at the store).  It was still pretty impressive.  The mid range was accurate and pronounced, while the bass was still impressively strong.

Compared to the Skull Candy, the bass was much more accurate since it doesn't rely on your skull for resonating (no pun intended on the name of the company, I'm sure).

After a half hour of listening, my ears felt pinched.  I'm sure this is only a problem if you wear glasses like me, since it also happens when I use a pair of Plantronics and Altec Lansing headsets.  Unfortunately, I forgot about this, since I haven't used over-the-ear types of headphones in a long time.  I didn't experience this at the store since I didn't use them long enough.

Still, it won't be a problem if I get my lazy self to start using contacts again.

The Upshot
I must say, this is my first relatively high end headphones, and I love them!  I say relatively, because I'm not one to spend more than $10 on earphones or headphones.  It even beats the Altec Lansings that costs a bit more.

If you're an audiophile, you may just want the Sony MDR-V250V as something you can throw around and not worry about destroying something expensive, while still enjoying a "decent" (to your sensitive ears perhaps) sound.

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