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Sony MDR-V6 Headband Headphones - Black

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Jun 1, 2010
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Pros:Well constructed, portable, fine quality sound, more then enough bass

Cons:Sound is veiled, can get warm on ears

The Bottom Line: Want a throw around headphones that'll work night or day/rain or tornado and still sound great after 20 years? Well what ya waitin' for!

I have a good passion for music and sound in general. Be it classical, rock, jazz or even the random “game music”, I love listening to them. I don't have the most experience with headphones on the earth, but I do have a pair of very nice headphones I use to listen to music, paly video games, and watch movies along. But, the problem now was that I needed a pair for my PC, rather then for sitting in a couch watching in front of the television. I needed good quality PC headphones to listen to while simply browsing YouTube, or listening through Winamp.

Enter the MDR-V6 headphones. A very popular headphone on the internet and in discussions forums, the MDR-V6 is undoubtedly a popular headphone among consumers, as well as “professionals”, or so I'm reading.

Packaging for these V6's is very elegant. A gold box with a great view of the headphones inside, sleeved in a red velvet like cloth around the headphones. The presentation is great, and has a somewhat “quality” feel to the product. Sony must really want to sell more of these!

Opening them was quite easy. The headphones slide out with its support-box holding the glued red velvet cloth. The cord was easy to remove, but the end-plug and ¼ adapter was difficult to get to with out yanking a few plastic pieces here and there.

Overall, the package was greatly constructed, and could survive a good crush if your mail carrier happens to put a bag of potatoes over your V6 box.

When finally out of the box, we get to see the oh so venerable headphones in the wild. The entire contraption is black, with a good taste of red from the sticker on the sides of the cans. The top headband is well constructed with hard leather-like material.

Heading down near the middle are the parts where one can adjust the headphones to their liking. The plastic used here are also very sturdy feeling. The actual extenders attaching the cans' to the flexible yet stiff headband are actually made of metal (finally!).

Overall the headphones are very well made. One thing I did notice is that, unlike my other headphones, the ATH-AD700's, these NEVER creak when you move your head. Sometimes, people cant stand the creaking sound of plastic in some headphones. But these MDR-V6's do NOT creak at all. You can enjoy your music distraction free.

Another thing on the durability of these. I have dropped them once on concrete (in the carrying pouch) and actually threw them (accidentally, after trying to grab my notebook) across my room, and the headphones still remain to be broken. There's not even a scratch on the plastic yet. And the yanked cord is still holding strong after the fall.

I was surprised to find that these headphones fold in a very efficient manner. The cups move inward toward the headband, essentially halving the size (in length). The included carrying pounch has come in handy on many occasions, and

Speaking of distraction free, wearing these makes the surrounding volume many decibels lower. Its not that you cant hear anything, but everything is incredibly quiet. You might be able to even use these as passive noise canceling headphones. They wont block out noise like weapons grade ear protection, but they do a great job of isolating you from normal day to day sounds.

That aside, the comfort on these are not the best in the known galaxy. The earphones are not true circumaural types. The ear pads do rest around the ear, but the inside parts, where the speaker is located behind a cloth, is also where the ear touches. Usually this doesn't happen with true circumaural headphones. But in this case it does, and aids in the sweating that occurs when these are worn for prolonged periods.

But, the MDR-V6's do have a broad range of adjustability. There's almost a guaranteed fit with any shape or sized head.

Most people on many discussions may tell you that these are very accurate headphones. In my opinion, those people are not that accurate. Now, I don't have a solid reference to what is truly accurate, but compared to my Infinity Primus speaker, as well as the ATH-AD700's, these MDR-V6's are not the most “accurate” sounding headphones.

For the most part, these sound quite veiled actually. The bass is very good, plentiful, and extend quite deeply. Good for explosions in movies similar to Saving Private Ryan. Bass was also quite nice and deep in my jazz collection as well as alt-metal/rock. Also, people with modest MP3 players who also want bass will be quite pleased with the MDR-V6's. They require very low power to actually deliver good bass. My Sansa MP3 player easily provided rumble when needed, but clarity was definitely muddled.

The mids were good, though a little mellow. Think great speaker high-end quality with just that hint of old 40's radio muffled-ness and tiny-ness. It wont bother most people, and sounds just fine for the casual listener. But for serious listening, I suggest you look somewhere else. Though you'll still pick out notes and hints in music you'd never heard before with less quality phones.

The highers a pretty good. Cymbals were fine but lacked speed. Its there but there's not as much definition as my ATH-AD700's. But the highs are in no way a bother. They don't hurt the ears after prolonged listening, and the apparent lack of definition could be a good thing if you don't want to tire out your ears.

I'm slightly disappointed that they aren't as “accurate” as most people give credit them to be. They are good headphones. Actually they are great headphones if you simply want a super durable, easy to listen (and want quite a lot of bass), easy to carry around, require low maintenance, and give better then average quality of sound, then I suggest you have these in your next to-buy list!

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