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Sony MDR-V6 Headband Headphones - Black

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Great value in professional quality headphones.

Jun 26, 2011 (Updated Jun 27, 2011)
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Pros:Full spectrum frequency response and beyond. Bright bass and treble. Comfortable to use. Sensitivity.

Cons:Apparanty not perfectly flat response if one has to have that for classical music.

The Bottom Line: Very strong performer considering the price. Not cheap but great value.

Count me as another pleased user of these headphones. I actually purchased those as a gift for my daughter, but after trying them, I bought a set for myself!

My daughter was tired of various cheap in the ear headphones that broke frequently and sounded muddy. She also wanted something a bit sound insulating to help her to concentrate with her studies. Thus, she decided on over the ear headphones.  She first researched and considered Sennheiser HD280 Pro that was recommended by some of her (facebook?) friends. However, no retailer had this headphone locally to try how comfortable it was. I decided to help her and did some online searches myself.

I came about this great but dated review of Sennheiser HD280 Pro vs Sony MDR-V6 that can be found by goggling for “Sennheiser HD280 Pro vs. Sony MDR-V6” (duh!). According to that direct comparison of both headphones by an audiophile, both are excellent headphones but slightly different. Apparently, Sony MDR-V6 is lighter, more sensitive, and less power requiring headphones that has good full spectrum frequency response, with brighter trebles and bass (but recessed midrange), suitable for general and pop music listening. Sennheiser HD280 Pro are heavier, less sensitive, require more power (iphone or ipod is not enough for good bass reproduction), but have a very even frequency response that is best suited for vocals/classical music and high end audio system.

Based on that, I decided that Sony MDR-V6 should be ideal for my daughter as she uses both ipod and iphone in addition to her laptop and guitar amp for the source of music. She also listens to classical music less often. Thus, I ordered them for a birthday gift.

Another factor was the fact that I could order them on Amazon for merely $63 (shipped), cheaper than they were available in 2003! But note that the Amazon price fluctuates daily and they are $65 today. One additional factor is when the earpieces padding wears out (sadly a fact of life in similar headphones), they can be replaced for mere $5-6, rather than $20-25 in Sennheiser.

When the headphones came in, I was very impressed by packaging, with plastic window showing folded headphones wrapped in red cloth!  My daughter liked them too.

She let me try them in both ipod as well as my home audio system. The sound was great from the box without any need to break them in. Ipod was enough to drive them and produce decent bass. The trebles were crisp and vocals very clear. The headphones were much louder than all the other headphones I had. It was after I tested them in my audio system, I almost fell from my chair when I used Andreas Vollenveider’s electronic music for testing.  This mid 80’s music is full of both low and high frequency sound and I used it forever for speakers/headphones testing. Well, this time, I heard low frequency sounds (big drum I guess) that I never heard before. Also, the trebles were so crisp, one could hear some imperfections in his music in more quiet parts. I was instantly sold on these headphones.

The specs are phenomenal. Sony claims 5-30,000 Hz frequency response. Some say this is a marketing gimmick as only 20-20,000 Hz should be audible by humans, but I can tell you that my home speakers are reasonably flat 20-20,000 Hz and Sony still surprised me by low and high end sounds. Another great news is sensitivity of 106 dB/mW. This explains why they work so well in low power devices without need for a headphone amplifier. They weight 230g that is not too heavy and they fit on ears comfortably without excessive pressure that can be very painful for longer listening.  The cord is long and coiled (3 meters/yards). The plug is the typical mini-plug with a detachable full size plug.  The only difference is the full size plug screws in into the mini-plug, which makes it not compatible with other headphones. The headphones fold into a compact size and a carrying soft case/bag in included in the box. However, I would not call them hyperportable and they should be best (and safest) used at home/work (remember the sound insulation part that works well).

In summary, I did not find anything negative yet, but I understand, these headphones may not be for everyone, especially if one listens mainly to vocals and classical music and cares mostly about midrange performance. It means the vocals would be a bit softer compared to entirely flat range. This is not a bad thing and most people like this way, especially for pop music. The most serious audiophiles would not agree though.

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